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  1. Honeykissfire
    That shot with Cam and Rupp is hilarious!

    Yay we beat NJ! I'm lovin' this roll we're on. It sucks I can't go to the game on the 2nd, it's Cam Ward bobble head night! I want a Cam bobble head!
  2. narda1234
    losing streak is no fun

    oooohhh, donating blood in a few weeks... free jersey in return oh yeaaaahhh
  3. Blue_Star
    If only I could get a jersey for donating blood! They could take a few buckets of mine then~XDD You're lucky narda...

    Good for Lapierre I'm glad he's man enough to get it out in the open. And yeah, Zajac and Parise are pretty nice to look at:

    He's got that look on his face like 'jealous b*tch?' The camera man behind them kills me. Looks like he's totally shooting a porno or something.

    I too want a Cam bobbleheadT___T
  4. Isan
    Omg that pic Blue loooooool
    It wins the "if you hold my leg, we'll rub against each other better" award
    That's practically all it's missing And maybe the other hand grabbing his ass XD
  5. narda1234
    maybe you could organize your own blood drive Blue, and contact the flyers to see if they could volunteer the site for you, to reach their fans

    my brother told me they're gonna be practice jerseys but hey those things are still damn expensive so i'll help a good cause for that compensation
  6. Honeykissfire
    I want a jersey for donating blood! I'm jealous narda.

    I soooo want to call in sick on the 2nd so I can go to the game and get a bobblehead, but since my boss is a Canes fan as well I know he'll have the game on in the restaurant and it'd be just my luck the cameras pan the crowd and I'd be on the screen for all to see...
  7. Blue_Star
    Dude, a jersey's a jersey~*holds knife up to her wrist* Hey, somebody wanna grab a bucket?
    omg I'm so kidding 0____0;; I swear.

    Just littering the page with dumb pictures now E. Staal pimpin' out Toumo for Honeykiss~
  8. Honeykissfire
    Thanks Blue! Rutuu's a cutie, Staal can get plenty out of him.
  9. Isan
    Blue!!! You have to see the second goal of yesterday's game!! XDDDDDDDD
    It's a little too dark but here
    At around 2:42
    Latendresse and Lapierre, and Lapierre is making this totally obscene tongue play at him before Latendresse shoves his glove on his face! It was wayyy
    If you can find it brighter you'll see
  10. narda1234
    WTF... wth is happening to my team playoffs right around the corner and all
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