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  1. Blue_Star
    It's on the NHL network, and I think they've been re-playing it on Wednesdays so I'll have to check and then struggle to get it at least up on youtube or something. It was funny as hell.

    *is getting impatient for the playoffs to start*

    Yeah I noticed that Kevin was suddenly back^_^ He helped Marty cut the net with those scissors. Then Brodeur gave up on it and the rest of his team struggled to get it off for him instead (I hope you're talking about Weekes otherwise I have no idea which Kevin it could be XD)
  2. narda1234
    Blue... our teams hate each other

  3. Blue_Star
    Dude, they sure do ;;;

    Riley Cote is usually a pretty good fighter, but your dude (Rupp I think?) whooped the living shite outta him last night! And so much catfighting during the first period^^' (I hate to admit it but I was totally into it, all yellin' at the tv and what not) I was also pretty sure that we were going to lose too since we tend to suck when it comes to playing NJ. Just got lucky I guess

    Montreal's problems are all over the news right now. I feel so bad for themXD
  4. narda1234
    that was a tough loss last night, especially against long time rivals.

    yup, Rupp pretty much is up for a fight any time. he's big too. and i've seen other team pick on Gionta and Parise, they're kind'a shorter than everyone else, so Rupp is the enforcer of the team there's not one on the team who plays like Stevens used to play though
  5. Honeykissfire
    Hi guys, sorry I haven't been around so I'm delayed (which isn't anything new...)

    Yes Blue that's the only Kevin I know (and love ) It was good seeing him in the net against the 'Canes, even though we beat NJ it was fun seeing my fave goalie. I have a feeling I'll be seeing Brodeur in the net when we play them on the 28th.

    I finally got a chance to see the Habs (or I should say Price since that's who I thought of immediately when I spotted the jerseys while flipping channels) in action last night. Nice nice! That was a nice pile up on him in the third. my first thought was, 'He looks good on the bottom'.
  6. Isan
    I dont remember if it was in 3rd but a guy decided to just drop on top of Price at some point and Komisarek got really pissed off and started hitting the guy that was on top of Price XDD He was called for roughing because of that
  7. Blue_Star
    Yeah Weekes is a good looking guy with perfect teeth too Wish I could have seen the pileup. Mike's sounding predictable as usualXD

    Ok, posting some stupid pictures since I haven't in awhile:

    Richie: Please? Just one little handjob and I'll leave you alone I promise!
    Alex: ...wtf?!

    Just sickeningly cute^_^<3 If I was a Devils fan I'd be keeping a close eye on ZajacxParise. They look rather nice together.

    Ok, it's official. Rupp was not loved enough as a childXD Cam's face kills me.

    Also official: Crosby cheats at red rover. Actually, I'm not sure what's going on with this one^^'
  8. Isan

    Big Declaration today
    Vincent: "I want to finish my career with Martin. We've been together for so long."
    Martin: "We've been together 9 years now. I spend more time with him than my family."
  9. narda1234
    Travis is a cutie isn't he? I love watching his line with Zack and Jamie

    Major Glompage...
  10. Isan
    -> A plus goes to Ian Laperierre, who is cleary secure in his manhood.

    After Tyler Arnason set him up for a beauty, Laperierre said thanks in his own special way, with a buss on the cheek.

    "That was a French... not a french kiss, but a kiss from a French guy, you know."

    "You gotta take what you can get, I guess," said Arnason. "Ya, we've been on the road a lot."

    Where were the damn camera?

    Yes I'm still madly searching for all those kiss footage I saw back on Valentine's day XDD
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