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  1. Isan
    We're starting to have a good number of members
    Only missing 4~~
    I should dig out my hockey contest and ask the ones who said they liked hockey to join~
  2. Isan
    Hey Blue, wanna send an invite to StarSaber?
    Said he/she was a huge hockey fan
  3. Isan
    There's anime about all kinds of inane sports, we need a hockey one!!
  4. yaoial
    @bluestar: I am a striker, the center. =) and a captain for the team.
  5. yaoial
    Hey guys!! I found a joke in the forum and it's damned funny!!!
    Here's the link: http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/f161/t...d_decided.html

    I hope you enjoy this joke like I do ^^ It's really funny.
  6. Isan
    That joke was funny, yaoial
    Do you have a favorite NHL team?

    Oh and I found a hockey manga?!
    Too bad it's not yaoi tho
  7. yaoial
    @Isan: omg! Sorry for the late reply!! Was away playing some games >_<
    hah great you like that joke xD
    Um...Actually..I join hockey..just to play for fun >_< I don't really watch those match or research on teams that's famous..but you can share your view and opinion with me!!
    YES! LOL I realised there's pretty much tennis and basketball sports that has yaoi manga but not hockey
  8. Honeykissfire
    I can't believe I left Theodore off my short list! Someone hit me! That guy's just freakin' delicious! So how's everyone coping?
  9. Isan
    So-so, thinking of going to buy a new t-shirt of my fav player to show off for the summer, that might help a bit
  10. Blue_Star
    I keep on saying it...I'll never look at Mr. Price the same way ever again Next time I see Komisarek on TV I'm gonna point at him and be all like 'It's the owner!!'

    @yaoial: Center and Captain too huh?^^ Big responsibilities then!XD Thanks for accepting my friend request btw~

    Well I haven't gone crazy just yet from the summer. I've been decorating my car w/ Flyers stuff so that's been keeping me sort of occupied >>' The draft is this Fri. and Sat. so I guess I'm gonna watch that. And I've been catching a few baseball games (although it's totally not the same)

    OMG, if anyone knows who Mike Modano is [Dallas Stars], the guy just launched his website recently and all his pictures are like, 'Hey, check me out, aren't I so like, super hot?'
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