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  1. Blue_Star
    Aw too bad. I wanted to seeXD Sounds like it was probably pretty funny/scary.

    Habs play the caps tomarrow
  2. narda1234
    the misopportunities of watching BL in real life hockey
  3. Isan
    We need a new GM and a new Coach. Hopefully before we lose all our players. This really sucks.

    It's a full out war now. Kovalev already said on TV that he refuses to play another season for the habs because of the mentally challenged ego-tripping Coach. And now everyone is sending death treats to the retarded GM....
  4. Blue_Star
    So....does that mean it's ok now if I come out and say that I never really liked Guy Carb.?.....XDD Don't get me wrong, I really like the habs, but for some reason I've just never been too fond of their coach...and his lucky tie

    I read about Alex this morning. Not good~ If he doesn't stay there then where will he go? I can't see him playing anywhere other than Montreal right now. I wonder when his contract is up???

    And then the game last night....0_0; The commentators were like 'I'm starting to feel sorry for Carey Price.' Hopefully Mike's been there for support!
  5. Isan
    The commentators were all praising Price here yesterday
    I thought he was okay......Not really great and he totally froze in shoot out meh but everybody else was happy about him apparently.

    And yeah no worries, I hate Carbo too
    He really sucks as a coach.

    Kovalev's contract ends in July, that's why there's rumors they're trying to exchange him :/
  6. Honeykissfire
    Hell I didn't think they were havin' issues up there in Montreal since they're up there in the standings...damn....maybe I should stop writing so much smut and actually look at the telly when I come in from work...

    If the coach is that much of an ass then why hasn't he been fired by now? With all the new(ish) coaching changes made this year, one this late in the season should be nothing. I like Alex, he can come down and play in Carolina or Pittsburgh! Ooo, Price can come too!
  7. Isan
    Because the GM is his best friend? And the first thing he said when he hired Carbo was that as long as he was GM, Carbo would be coach. Hence why we need a new GM and a new coach

    We just lost our 12th match on 15
  8. Blue_Star
    Wow. I didn't know that about Guy and the GM. But hey, the league just fired the Pens coach a little while ago all super randomly, so who knows. Something might happen...?

    Noooo I like Kovalev in Montreal T____T But good luck Honeykiss. Maybe he will wind up in Carolina or something^^ 'Course if Price ever leaves, Mike'll follow him leash & all
  9. Isan
    Anybody has any new juicy pictures?
  10. ChaosShadow
    Isan: I just posted one, from the Avs/Deadwings.. err I mean, Redwings game.
    Avs won in a shootout! Woohoo! Pic is of Andrew Raycroft standing by John Michael Liles.. but from the angle it was shot, it looks like Raycroft is humpin Liles LOL!
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