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  1. Isan
    Yeah I'm in Montreal and yes it's insane
    It's like the town hasn't slept since Thursday haha
    I got Lecavalier's signature yesterday (who was naturally welcomed like a rock star considering all the rumors lately and the hype around him, people were standing up and yelling their heads off for him when he came on the ice today)
    Missed Komisarek by like 5 mins

    It was the practice this morning and omg the Komisarek x Price goodness <333
    Price was like super shy at the beginning when he got on the ice with all the other players and he was sticking to Komisarek like a lost puppy XDDD It's just as if he wasn't holding on to his pants It was soooooooo cute haha
    And then came the time at the end for the all-star habs pic and they were joking around and hugging each other and touching each other like crazy rofl
    Just that was worth it for me haha
    I need to find pics of it XD No luck so far meh

  2. Isan
    Omg as much as I don't really like Ovechkin, he really was something last night
    The whole thing with him and Malkin not being able to bear each other's presence on the ice and then the show they put on last night. Absolutely priceless. Ovechkin totally went a huge way up in my esteem
  3. Isan
    Finally some of the pics of the Komisarek x Price moments I was talking about~

    Too bad they didn't take more, those guys were hugging and messing around for like 5 mins solid
    Komisarek even pulled out his tongue at some point rofl

    Puppy Price

    Komisarek x Price
  4. Isan
    If anyone didn't see it ->
    Ovechkin show at 4:35

    All-Star pics -> http://www.daylife.com/search/photos/all/1?q=all-stars
    There's a few pages to look through for those that missed it~
  5. Blue_Star

    Back after the weekend. omgXDD That was awesome! Thanks for the pics, Isan. I really enjoyed the skills competition Probably a little too much...but yeah^^' It was totally FANSERVICE HOCKEY WEEKEND! *fangirling, etc.*

    Glad to hear you had fun. What I wouldn't have given to have been there What did you have Vinny sign?

    That picture of the Priceasarek is so great. Looks like Mike was on All-Star Lockdown mode No touchie!~ And yeah Ovie was great too! I was actually suprised that he won. I figured Kovalev would've still swept it, but I guess he came in second or something.

    In my area they had Marc Savard mic'ed for most of the night and it was soooooooo adorable!!~<3 That guy looks like he's about 12 and he's in his 30's XDD *goes off to look for some pictures or something*
  6. Blue_Star
    I laughed so hard at this oneXD Price is totally thuggin' out:

    Now what was that about country music and acoustic guitars again?

    For Honeykiss if she sees this:

    One of those super rare moments....

    Komisarek just happens to be conveniently between them. Back, Ovie! Back!

    And yay for Jeff Carter! Although I think he definitely needs some posing lessons or something
  7. narda1234
    haha cool pics Blue and Isan. I saw the skills contest that my bro recorded on DVR, finally right? anyways, Ovie was a showman but I didn't really like his stuff, I liked Kovalev and St-Louis. Martin's turn around trick would've been sick if he made that. It was still nice to look at though, and that trick with the skate from Alexei, lol, and a little soccer trick. Europeans do love their football.

    didn't get to see the actual all-stars game though, oh well... time for second half of the season to start. playoffs race baby
  8. Isan
    You know another bonding that surprised was Malkin and Kovalev, those guys were sticking together like super glue I always thought Malkin was like super shy like Markov but it was nice seeing both have fun and be sociable with other players (mainly other russians but still)

    Next two pics are just.......Priceless

  9. Honeykissfire
    Thanks Blue! I caught some of the game Sunday as we were dead as a f*ckin' doornail until 8:30 that night. Spent much of the time writing smut though. I was wanting the game to be more exciting but it turned out to be just a score fest. I should have expected that. Oh well, at least I've got some yummy shorts written so at least all those yummy players got me writin!
  10. Blue_Star
    You're welcome Let us know when you get your writing posted!~

    Were Malkin & Kovalev really together??? Wow, that's weird*_* I never would've expected that. Kovalev's just kind of got that way of being the 'older cool guy' ya know?XD

    Some total randomness:


    Cam apparently enjoys the perks of his job.

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