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  1. Blue_Star
    HNIC night^_^ 'Cept I have no idea who's playing ;;
  2. Honeykissfire
    My canes are on a losing streak!
    Omg, I'm doin' the You Tube thing ('cause I'm off like that) and I come across my goalies Ward and Leighton mixin' it up back in the day in the AHL and I'm like, wtf? Well at least they've made up...I think...It was interesting. Cam won the fight, btw. It got me to thinkin', my guys aren't mixin' it up like they used to when Bolerice was on the team. I wonder why?
  3. Blue_Star
    Hockey is back on nbc. I can't believe how fast time is going by o_O;
  4. narda1234
    hockey has been on NBC for a while now. I don't know since when but it's been there a while. Maybe around the same time ABC got rights to the NBA? It's great though, because no matter what station the game is on, there's always lively commentators, unlike baseball... kind'a off topic from this discussion but ESPN coverage on baseball is a complete snoozer with their commentators, FOX comes in close second no offense.

    don't mind my question mark ava it's a work in progress
  5. narda1234
    haha, 'Twas totally last minute thing but I'm at the "rock" right now let's see if I can see this Price/Komisarek camaraderie first hand. Hopefully I can watch my first win

    EDIT: how old is Price? (I guess I can look it up but I'm sure one of you guys knows ) He looked like a total kid out there compared to all the other players when they had their helmets off during the national anthem.

    and yay, I'm not a curse, third time is a charm. It took me three games to finally see my first win, I still wanna see them beat the Rangers though >.< you can't really know how much rivalry there is going between two teams unless you're there. Even last night, Rangers were nowhere near the building but once in a while, the crowd would start their "Rangers Suck" chant.

    So, we'll all see each other in Montreal? Zach, make us proud
  6. Blue_Star
    No, noXDD I meant that it's back on NBC again already for the playoffs etc. (NBC only airs hockey every year from Jan. on ) Guess I kinda worded that wrong. Sorry^^'

    And you got to go to a random game?! *flames of jealousy*...... How was it?! Hm, I think Price is 21-22??? Isan would know.
  7. narda1234
    It was great Blue we were at the mezzanine level this time. I felt like I was gonna fall over the balcony but they were great seats, not as close as I would like it to be but the plays were as clear as day, having the bird's eye view near center ice. The last couple of times were at the lower level but behind the goalie, so this was a nice change.

    I was off last night and my bro just came from school and was like, let's go to a hockey game. Haha, it doesn't take much to persuade me about going to a hockey game, so we went online to get the tickets.

    Fans at the boonies and upper levels are the greatest. They're the loudest and most united with their cheers. Now, I just really need to save up some money to buy a jersey just to represent but those things are damn expensive.
  8. Isan
    Price is 21, 22 this august and yes he looks like a total kid (it's worse when he shaves)
    Komisarek just turned 27 <3
  9. Blue_Star
    Yay for awkward age gaps!!!~

    Glad to hear you had a good time narda!<3 Yeah, I really reaaallly want a Jeff Carter jersey but...ouch $$$ D: The skills competition is today!!~ But I don't know what time it's on ._. Isan, I'm assuming you might be somewhat in the Montreal area? Has it been crazy up there for the event? I know they were showing stuff on tv late last night and there were all these Habs fans screaming/running around in the streets.

    The All-Star Game = Habs vs. The West XDD
  10. narda1234
    I think it starts at 7 and the game tomorrow starts at 6 EST. I'm probably going to miss most of it since Imma be sleeping during that time just before I go to work. Working nights suck ass most the time, especially when I miss things like these
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