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  1. Blue_Star
    Ok I came in here and was like wtf?! XDD An icon, huh? Hrm....*goes off to look for some stuff*
  2. Blue_Star
    Uh, ok. Just sorta threw something up there from one of my..eh...commissionsXD If anyone else has anything they'd like for a logo just let me know :3
  3. Isan
    It's great Blue
  4. narda1234
    oh Blue you just crack me up, the logo looks great. I don't think there's a cooler group out there than us

    Go Aarin Hockey Freaks

    so how's the season going with you guys? ever since I started working nights, I'm all out of loop
  5. Blue_Star
    Aw thanksXD I've been good narda but kinda busy lately. I'm not on the forum as much as I'd like to be and I haven't seen a game in awhile *_*' I haven't even made it out to the rink in the past two weeks! That must change.

    I heard a rumor about Brendan Shanahan joining up with the Devils Know anything about it?
  6. Isan
    Newish victims of the bromance in the habs or is it something else?


    Whatever it is, these 2 are apparently inseparable off the ice as well as on nowadays XD
  7. Blue_Star
    Oooh! *attacks the bromance* Who are these two? What have they been doing?XD Do they share a home together?!......(calms)

    *clears throat*
    It's difficult to see their numbers. Is one #40?
  8. Isan
    Lapierre and Latendresse
    40 and 84~
    They practically do everything together, they keep talking about each other in interviews too, it's cute
    There were rumors about Latendresse being gay when he spoke in the village newspaper before
  9. Blue_Star
    Isan, you're totally right. Behold the fabled bromance:

    Hooray for excuses to hug Actually, they do look rather happy *_*
  10. Isan
    Yeah they're super happy now that they found each other
    More than that, they actually play even better now and score XD
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