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  1. ChaosShadow
    Sweet! Glad to see a Hockey group here
    And, glad to see a pic of an Avalanche player (Theodore)! Go Avs!

    Blue_Star: I've been to a few games. I've even traveled to Denver just to see that Avs play at home, and when the Avs are visiting Chicago, I'll see them here as well.
  2. Blue_Star
    Welcome to the group Chaos!^_^ I take it you probably like Joe Sakic too. I love that guy, he's a great captain!Oh, and Jose Theodore is hot

    Damn it, I've seen like +1000 plus minor games but never a pro one I'm so makin' it to Philly this year!

    Dude, the nhl awards last night were terrrrible =_= Everyone that was ok w/ their English either stuttered or rambled or looked hella nervous. But it was cute when Ovie and Pavel got their awards. Their broken English was <3
  3. Isan
    Nooooo I knew I forgot something yesterday!!
    And here I kept saying all day, can't miss it and all, bleeeeh
  4. ChaosShadow
    Blue_Star: Yeah, gotta love Sakic... he's a legend!

    Oh man, if you think Theodore is hawt on the ice... you should see him all cleaned up. When my friend and I were in Denver, we went to the Family Sports Center where the Avs practice. Usually, you can wait outside after practice and get signatures from the guys (depending on their mood). So, Theodore pulls out in his BMW M5.. and OMG... he was dressed all sexy, and my GOD does he clean up well.

    Another hottie on the Avs... Cody McLeod. I have a thing for redheads, so, that's extra points in my book

    And on that day at the family sports center... I got 11 signatures on my jersey, from these players/coaches:

    Joel Quinville (No longer the Avs head coach)
    Tony Grenado (The new head coach and a Chicago native!!)
    John Michael Liles #4
    Ian Laperriere #12 <--- Coolest Guy ever!
    Peter Forsberg#21
    Scott Hannan #22
    Ben Guite #28
    Peter Budaj #31
    Adam Foote #52
    Cody McLeod #55
    Jose Theodore #60

    That had to be the best day ever. Some of the players are so cool to chat with
  5. Blue_Star
    Dude, sweeeetXD I envy you....and that's putting it shortly I'd have freaked!

    Cody McLeod, eh? I shall have to check him out And I'd figure Jose would probably be blindingly hot when he's not in all that gear. It's bad enough when he sits there on the bench looking all super fine and what not, but even then he looks like a big padded marshmallow^^<3

    I think the next thing that's happening is the draft next week. Haven't seen any hotties yet but will report if I do...(not that it's just about being hot, but you catch my drift, right? )

    So so far we have an Avs fan, a Habs fan, a Pens fan and a Flyers fan. Weird comboXD
  6. Isan
    Made my hockey request in your shop Blue
  7. narda1234
    thanks Blue for the link. hi peeps
  8. Isan
    Oh~~ new member

    *cough* Took the liberty to add 2 more pics
  9. yaoial
    Hi Guys!~ Am new in this group
    xD ah hahahah it's surprised to find a hockey group in here..but anyway xD hi, i am a hockey player myself
  10. Blue_Star
    Welcome new members! Thanks for accepting my invite narda^^ Always good to have a Devils fan to even things out.

    So yaoial, forward, defense, or maybe you're a goalie?
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