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  1. Blue_Star
    Oh Yeaahh!XD Dur, forgot he was a Sergei too

    It's cool. I'm glad Mike's back!~ And actually I'm relieved we're doing so much better than we were. The start of the season was super scary 0_0'

    omg we can post pics? Since when? I guess maybe I'm just super un-observant.
  2. Isan
    Post pics?
  3. Blue_Star

    (sorry Gagne, Mike's a one-goalie kinda guy)

    Yeah, posting pics on our comments. Just nevermind, I've got my head in the clouds most of the time anyway. I didn't get to see Mike's return but I'm happy he's back at least. Phew!^^ Finally finished with all those christmas messages;p
  4. Isan

    That's so pretty
  5. Blue_Star
    omg we're getting the habs hurricanes gameXD Mike got put in the box for cross checking E. Staal in the butt
  6. Isan
    The commentators were all "..........It was in the butt" rofl!!!
  7. Honeykissfire
    FS Carolinas doesn't always show the Sunday games and I wouldn't have been able to see it since every tv at work is showing a football game. Damn it, and we won too! Oh pooh! Cross checking in the ass....I have got to find this clip. Maybe Mike liked what he saw?
  8. Isan
    In front of Price too
    Baaaad Mike, you're in the dog house for sure
  9. Isan
    Price's answer to Komisarek's straying hands
    Two can play that game

    Poor Mikey-poo is sick though
    He was puking inbetween periods Saturday
  10. Honeykissfire
    I saw that pic on the 'cane's website and immediately thought of you Isan!
    I've still got to find that clip. I have got to see that. I need some funny!

    Yay I get to maybe see them play the thrashers on Friday! I wish I could go to the New Year's Eve game and the after party. But alas, I'm poor and my truck went down in a mild blaze of glory last week....pooh!
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