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  1. Isan
    Of course they're spending their downtime together XD

    And O'Byrne That guy is soooooooo gone...I don't know why people keep saying the same BS line they use for everybody else on him "Give him time, he's young" Okay 1) He's 25. Not so young compared to Sergei, Carey, Latendresse and hell even Andrei who looks 34 instead of 23. It's like saying Komisarek or Plekanec are young o_O Sure and Kovalev isn't nearing 40 either O'Byrne is not young period. 2) He's been with the habs for 3 years now. 3. He had his chance, largely o_o
    So can the bullshit stupid sports reporters :O
    Sorry XD It really bothers me when they start excusing guys getting millions every year to play in the NHL because they're so "young", if they are so young maybe they should just stay in the AHL :x Pfft a lot of good players are actually below 25 and you don't see anyone blaming their talent on their ages either.

    And we all know Don Cherry's just jealous because he's never been loved that way
  2. Honeykissfire
    Yay we finally got a win! Sorry Isan, but the 'canes really needed this one.
    Damn Corvo's hot....needs more hair though....And my Cam is back

    Your wish might just come true Isan if you ask Santa to scoop O.Byrne up and take him along on his toy run.
  3. Isan

    We're down for 3 loses straight.....Actually we didn't win since Price got hurt -_-
  4. Blue_Star
    XDDDDDDDD *heaves*
    Loved the O'Byrne rant. LOVED IT! Some very good points there. Yeah, it's like they pick and choose who's "young". It's so stupid! And he's been there three years? Hm...maybe you'll get lucky come the trade deadline or something. Who knows, it could happen!

    Oh, and come back soon Price! Well at least Kovalev scored a goal after that big long drought he had or something like that^_^ I love that guy. His instructional dvd is the porn D:

    And congrats to Cam & Co. on the win. Glad Mr. Ward's doing better.
    Corvo? Corvo, hmm...*goes to look*XD
  5. Isan
    Yeah I was pretty torn up with that game
    It's meh we lost (again for the third time in a row......Come back Price!!!!!!!!) but I was happy for Cam
  6. Isan
    Oh just saw that Xylara has a hockey fanfic posted on aarin :o
  7. Isan
    Komisarek spoke in an interview this morning, he said he was fine and wanted to play tonight but they're waiting after the doc because the doc was sick and so they couldn't see him yesterday

    He played with the guys yesterday the practice match and apparently Carbo said he whipped some guys that needed it Also said he was one of the strongest motivator for the team so having him back should help a bit anyway. Apparently the practice was really "physical" *cough* And you could def. see the frustrations of some of them XD

    He sort of insinuated that Sergei tried to fight with him and he was totally laughing wahahaha that cracked me up so badly It's like the baby chick trying to pick a fight with the rooster XDDDD But he said it was good though, anything to get the guys pumped up again

    Koivu and Price also practiced alone together but yeah they won't be back yet....
  8. Blue_Star
    Practicing alone *snort*

    Sergei? Which Sergei are you talking about?^^ Sergei Fedorov?...Sergei Gonchar??..*lost*
  9. Isan
    The only Sergei in the habs
    Kostitsyn XD
    He's like 21 yo or something
  10. Isan
    Sorry Blue
    But we really needed this one tonight :o

    Komisarek's comeback <33
    (*cough* even the ballerina scored again )
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