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  1. Isan
    It's a shame because we started really good and then it's like they all fell asleep when NJ scored.....This happens way too often

    And for myself, it's not that I want to pay attention to the yaoiness, it's just right there in my face so I can't help but see it
  2. Blue_Star
    omg how could I forget CrystalBall Huet??!~~~~~totally forgot D: Sorry><

    Dude, Sean Avery>.> The drama just never seems to end. Missing out on six games. I guess that means he'll just be back in a couple of weeks though^^; I think I read he'll be playing again on the 20th? I dunno, if I was Turco or Modano or anyone else on the Stars I'd be pissed. And let us not forget: once a Ranger always a Ranger. Yup.

    Sorry to hear that the Habs fell short on Sat. The Caps won but it was a really weird game and Luke got injured. Still have to check and see if he's alright or not.

    I don't really watch for yaoi while a game is on unless it just happens to fly out in front of me. Once Isan pointed out the Komarice I was just like 0_0; from there on out. Those two need to go ahead and take their honeymoon. And then there's the goal celebrations...the Preds are kind of notorious for taking things a little too far at times...but other than that I usually just watch the game to watch the game. Any weird stuff happens and then I'm like
  3. narda1234
    OMG this is the first time i've had time to vege out in front of the tv in two months. and flipping through the channels, haha to hear the word bromance brings my thoughts back to the yaoiness of our hockey hotties. if they can't be as gay as we want them to be i guess the term BROMANCE is the closest as it can get. you have your go-to guy that'll have your back no matter what.
  4. Honeykissfire
    OMG!!!!! I can't believe we blew a four goal lead last night on the Flyers!!!!! And I didn't even know we were kickin' ass until a few minutes ago when I wanted to see if there were any highlights of that fight that I only saw the last five seconds of....Damn it, working is taking away off my fun! I need to find a sugardaddy!
  5. Blue_Star
    Seriously, the term bromance totally doesn't work for meXDD I'm like 'Sure, if that's what you'd like it to mean'

    @ Honeykiss: Heh heh...sorry Philly's on a sort of weird streak with their comebacks lately.

    HEY! Tonight it's the Caps n' Habs!<3
  6. Isan
    Yeah whatever they wanna call it
  7. Isan
    Looks like we're nose diving in the deep end.
  8. narda1234
    i guess Bromance is more acceptable with the "straight" guys who knows

    we finally won against the Rangers. that's some high-scoring game right there. but winning streak snapped the next day... oh well, guess you can't win 'em all

    EDIT: i just saw Dai-kun's notice for some downtime for upgrades and updates.
    this group is safe from annihilation right? i mean, only four active members but we keep the chatter up often enough right? wachu think Isan our personal sla....errr mod
  9. Isan
    The group is safe No worries there haha XD
    The 10 members thing was dropped. The deletion rule for social group is 6 months of inactivity
    I doubt this will happen here *cough*withmearound*cough*

    Our Injured list is getting bigger by every match >_<
    Koivu, Higgins, Dandenault, Komisarek, Price, Laraque.............
    Most of them wont even be back before xmas, though that's not too far I suppose but every match counts and all :/

    I really really like D'Agostini but the other AHL guy they brought to fill up for Koivu, Maxwell whatever, so not impressed

    Hopefully Marc Denis will get his chance to goal at least once too. Halak's always so unstable
  10. Blue_Star
    Good to know the "group" is safe. Yay for the super popular sport that is puckeyXD

    Rangers losing=happiness. 'Cept now they're not as bad as they used to be. Back in the day they had Brendan Shanahan, Chris Drury AND Sean Avery. Thank goodness those days are over. *shudders*

    @ Isan: omg did you see O'Byrne smack Kostopolous in the face w/ his stick on Sat.? 0_0' I tell ya, that dude....did he walk under a ladder or break a few mirrors or something? His luck has been terrible lately^^' And poor Mike and Carey all injured at the same time.............. $10 says they're spending their downtime hanging out together.

    And what was up w/ the televised reunion of Andrej Meszaros & Mike Fisher???? Don Cherry accused the two of looking like they were about to start a love affair because of the way they were talking together in the hallway. Ok, #1: They're not starting a love affair. It's been going strong even after they got split up. And #2: They didn't look like thugs. A dating couple maybe, but not thugsXD

    Enough. I'm off to rant in ze blog about it. Fangirl, awwaaaaaaay!! *leaps off w/ cape*
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