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  1. Isan
    *pats Blue* I feel your pain

    I love goalies <3
    It seems like all the best are ingured atm too
  2. Isan
    I don't know what happened exactly but Carbo said he would definitely ask Komisarek if he wanted to be behind the bench again tonight
    The way he said it, it was like, omg what did Komisarek do? XDDD
    Apparently he shook up a few and he's motivating them pretty well~ I think that's really cool until he's all healed up
  3. Blue_Star
    Yay for healed Mike!

    omfg, if anyone saw what Scottie Hartnell did tonight....The guy literally took off his glove and THREW it at a Tampa player on the breakaway!! I was like what?! *_* Then Uppy got ejected for being a royal jerk. Such is Philly though I guessXD
  4. Blue_Star
    Ok, I didn't know this had become such big friggin' news. I also opened up my THN today and there's a whole story in there too *_* While I'm happy Sheppard recieved his first kiss from a dude, I don't really see what the big deal over it is. For crying out loud, people. It was even on the helmet =_=
  5. Isan
    I didn't even know about it until just now hahaha

    Posted some pics of Mike and his ex.....The dude has an obvious goalie fetish
  6. Blue_Star
    Who was his ex?XD
  7. Isan
    You don't remember CrystalBall?
  8. Honeykissfire
    Damn! At least we aren't the only ones that have a thing for goalies.

    Oh hell, the 'canes have got a new coach....the last coach we had...I was completely shocked when I heard this. And Francis is the assistant coach! Maybe I should keep my tv on during sex...I miss out on all kinds of information!

    Yay Justin Williams is back! That's quite a yummy one to look at!

    Ok, outside of my 'canes, what the f*ck is up with Avery? Or did people not notice that he's got a temper on him? Even if the guy's all about fashion, he's still a guy that's gonna rub people the wrong way. (that fashion bit I found out about via espn's show they do about various athletes and the things they do outside their sport)
  9. Isan
    My game was awesome, I truthfully couldn't have picked a better night
    Came out of there with 104 pictures

    I can't say how glad I am that my game wasn't tonight
  10. narda1234
    Avery has been rubbing the people the wrong way ever since I dunno when, at least on the ice as far as I know. I hate his style especially when the game is taken in front of the goalie. he's had more than few light punches exchanged with Brodeur. hated him when he was with the Rangers, still don't like him now.

    haha, I finally got to see the Canadiens in actions when they played the Devils last night. Maybe I'm not up to your guys' level yet, but I don't pay any attention to the BL and yaoiness of the players while the game is in progress. I think I scared my 3-yr old nephew when he saw his aunt yelling at the tv, cursing in another language, hopefully words he won't pick up.... but you know kids these days are much too smart than we give them credit for
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