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  1. Blue_Star

    Sorry y'all, I was gone for Thanksgiving and what not^^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEYKISS!!! Hope your weekend is mad crazy b*tchin'XD

    See, I have nhl '07 but haven't bought any more hockey games since then. I'm so terrible at them!!! I play as the Flyers all the time and we always lose^^; But I did play the '09 demo and it was sort of fun. Did they really make Komisarek all hover-y? I wanna seeXD

    And we play Toronto on HNIC tonight! Woohoo!!~ *gets out the fandom supplies*
    Is O'Byrne really still messing things up?0_0
  2. Isan
    O'Byrne is, yeah
    But it was Bouillon last night with a major **** up, bleh.

    Dude I keep getting into fights with Komisarek in front of Price's net It's hilarious XDDD
    My Carey got a Vezina Trophy and the William M. Jennings Trophy too

    Playing this is a great way to get all negative feelings out after a bad game for sure haha

    Oh saw the Flyers new uniform, it's super orange
  3. Blue_Star
    It's super retardedXD

    Granted I was expecting they'd do the orange, but not the ENTIRE throwback jersey w/ the gay white stripes on the sleeves and what notXDD I was hoping they'd at least modernize it a little. Wtf dudes, you won the cup in '75! '75!!! Let it go already!!!

    (maybe they just know it's not going to happen again so they're holding onto the memories for as long as possible?) Hey I'm a fan, I'm allowed to say it
  4. Isan

    "A group of Montreal Canadiens' hockey fans hold up a banner during pre-game warmups of the Canadiens NHL hockey game against the Washington Capitals in Washington November 28, 2008. The sign is in reference to Canadiens' player Ryan O'Byrne who shot the puck into his own net during a game in Montreal earlier in the week. The arrow on the banner is pointing towards the Capitals' goal."
  5. Isan
    omg!! Komisarek is all dressed up behind the bench for this game tonight!!
    Wow he's so freaking tall XD
    They're saying he's next in line for the captain position when Koivu leaves :9
    They're hoping he'll have a positive impact on the guys and help motivate them, because yeah, we're such lazy asses we need to find creative ways to motivate the team to actually play
    Anyway, It was pretty cool seeing him talking to the guys during the match <3
  6. Blue_Star
    I didn't get that game last night. I saw the Leafs beat up on us insteadXD It was really funny because Anthropov scored a goal, right? But after he scored the puck bounced back out of the net and hit him in right in the mouth and he fell downXDD He ended up being fine, so it was just really reeaaallly funny^^

    Yeah I heard Komisarek was back on the bench, but I had no idea that they were going to consider making him Captain. That's great! I think he has the right attitude for it. Very positive/go-get-'em kinda guy~ How long is Saku's contract? And that picture, so mean, but so funny!!
  7. Isan
    Well he wasn't really on the bench
    Tanguay was around too I think. They showed him for like 5 seconds
    You can tell we're getting to december, the injured list is starting to show

    I don't think Saku is gonna leave until he retires I mean he's been captain for what? Almost 10 years now? Yeah, he's not going anywhere anytime soon
    But this is looking good for Mike though, since he becomes a free agent soon I was starting to freak out a bit but if they wanna keep him that badly it should be alright .....Hopefully.
  8. Isan
    Wait, you're saying the Leafs beat you guys? Aren't the Leafs, like, dying?
  9. Honeykissfire
    OH POOH! The canes lost last night....And my Camy is hurt! Hopefully Leighton can rebound and have a great game Thursday when my canes play my pens....Damn it, I wanna call in sick so I can stay home and watch the game...I'm torn, don't know who to go for...

    Has anyone noticed that I'm hung up mainly on goalies? Must be all that paddin'...
  10. Blue_Star
    The Leafs are terrible and they still beat us *sigh* Dude, we've got some problemsXD

    CAM IS INJURED?! Noo! I need to go find out some info on that*_* Yeah, I guess it must be the paddin'^^ Vesa Toskala took off his mask the other night and I was like I had no idea he was hiding that under there!

    They probably won't get rid of Mike. I mean, he's super popular and everyone would want him.
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