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  1. Isan
    Wow I'm slightly traumatized for another reason today too
    Someone asked me if Koivu had ever dropped the gloves, I was like, no way
    And then I found out he did
    Never would have thought o_o
  2. Blue_Star
    *runs in*
    Dude, did you guys see that Habs/Islanders game?!....*reads everyone else's posts*
    Oh...sorry Apologies Isan, I did have to laugh just a tiny little bit though.
  3. Isan

    I wanted to laugh at how incredibly moronic that was but I just couldn't believe it really happened. I mean, dude, come on, he didn't miss a pass or derived another, he literally shot in his own goal. Wtf!
    What was he trying to do? Pass to Carey Price? =_=
  4. Blue_Star
    I think that's what they said he was doing, although he didn't realize that Carey had been pulled. They also talked about how he was booed out of the arena afterwards*_* Dude, I would so have hated to be him!
  5. Isan
    See what happens Komisarek when you're gone?!
    Come back~~~~~~!!!!! Carey needs you too XD
  6. Honeykissfire
    Damn, I feel for the guy. Just caught it on YT. The telecaster said he was catchin' heat about his performance lately and damn that has got to suck...It almost makes me want to hug him...
  7. Isan
    Ugh he can go crawl under a rock :/
    I've been saying he should be shipped back to the minors since the beginning of the season
    *has no pity*
  8. Isan
    See, O'Byrne again today ****ing up :o
    Made Detroit get a goal meh
    But yay for winning
    It's just easier to forgive him when it's not the decisive goal and all

    Oh and, I cracked this morning and bought NHL 09 <33333333
    Dude, it rocks sooooooo much!
    I almost missed the start of our game tonight because I was playing
    Funny how even in a video game, Komisarek (woah he's huge in the game) is all touchy with Price all the damn time
    Even just that would have been enough to make me buy it XD
  9. Honeykissfire
    Hmmm....something to add to my list....Thanks for the idea Isan!

    Wow, didn't even know that the canes were playin' this afternoon and came across it when I was flippin' channels....and we won too! A good way to start off my three day weekend birthday extravaganza! Even with the shag during the second period!
  10. Isan
    Habs might not win the cup this year again but they won it with me anyway

    Go NHL 09
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