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  1. Blue_Star
    Yeah I totally forgot about to mention the all-star game voting!XDD I honestly couldn't believe Carey Price was so far ahead for the #1 goalie spot in the East

    My first vote was like, all Flyers in the East + Mike KomisarekXD It looked ridiculous. And then in the West I was like...'do I have to vote for the West?' Not many people I like out there;P But yeah, I've voted a couple times...it was too difficult to do it just once*_*

    Hope Mike recovers ok. He's probably hurrying to recover so he can get back to his "duties"XD
  2. Honeykissfire
    Yay! Williams got to practice for the first time today!
  3. Blue_Star
    Who's Williams?^^
  4. Honeykissfire
    Justin Williams. He injured himself before the season started.

    Yay! my canes got a win last night! Loved that hat trick from Staal. I'm glad his drought is over. He was stellar last night!
  5. Isan
    Carey Price said in today's newspaper that he misses Komisarek
    Naturally I had to share with everybody
    But seriously, why the hell is everybody asking questions about the other to either of them? rofl
    When it's not Komisarek commenting on Price, it's Price commenting on him XD
    Guys, get a room, you know you want to
  6. Blue_Star
    Congrats Honey on your canes^_^

    When I read that Mike was gonna be out for a month I was like *_* Noooo!~ Damn you Lucic! Next time pull your punches or somethingXD Yeah, I've noticed that with the interview thing though. Anyone know if they're roomies on the road????

    I got my latest issue of THN today, opened it up and the first thing I read in bold letters is 'Junior Sex Tales in the Spotlight.' 0_o The dude writes about Patrick Roy talking about gay hazing rituals and teenage kids being preyed upon by fellow horny coaches and teammates. (sorry, but yum if the hazing is in consential good funXD) Um, am I out of line to say that a 17 year old knows what he's getting himself into in those sort of situations? Really though, if your coach comes at you and is like, 'Sup, honey?' you would know well what you're getting yourself into I'm not saying any of it's right, especially the nonconsential/underage stuff, but hey...if the seniors wanna spank the rookies....I mean...as long as noone's getting hurt....or caught....and evidently some teams are starting to get caught.....*derails into perversion* Just nevermind. You get what I'm trying to say.
  7. Isan
    Got tickets to go see the hamilton bulldogs this w-e

    And omg, what I wouldn't do to know if they do room together on the road
    They certainly act like it
  8. Isan
    How do you guys feel about one of your player shooting in his own goal right before the end and making your team lose the match?
    Cuz I'm about ready to shoot him!
    Doesn't help that it's a player I've been booing since the beginning
  9. Honeykissfire
    When did this happen Isan?
  10. Isan
    Stupid O'Byrne. The Islanders were on a delayed penalty too. I just couldn't believe it

    Headline on today's paper "O'Byrne sinks the Canadiens"
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