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  1. Blue_Star
    There were?! Awesomeness Hope you're having fun and/or surviving your work trip^^

    We just got Briere back, though he was supposed to be gone another 2 months, then he got himself injured AGAIN!XD Poor dude. I'm hoping the Flyers vs. Canadiens game is on in my area on Sat. Talk about distracted, I won't know what to watch0_0

    Yeah, it's like some macho thing and they don't wanna wear visors. I guess it's their loss (of eyes, teeth, etc.) if anything happens I suppose.
  2. Honeykissfire
    Yay we got back Cullen, Pitkanen, and Sutter! But damn if we didn't get owned. I didn't realize that Leighton was such a cutie all nice and sweaty like that....yum. But damn....I finally get to see a game.... Yeah December needs to get here so I can get a chance to catch a game. I need to see my honeys close up like in that pregame interview Tripp did with Corvo, and Whitney was right behind him....
  3. Blue_Star
    *sneaks in a pic of the Flyers' #1 already domesticated pair* They were featured in the team's official magazine the year they were drafted. The whole thing pretty much consisted of:

    -We live together
    -We fish together
    -We go out to dinner all the time together
    -We don't like to be alone so we're glad we're together
    -We travel to see golf tournaments and live theatre together
    -We cooked our Thanksgiving turkey together

    And so on^^' I've got the scans somewhere but I have to find it. Richie's such a pimp :3
  4. Honeykissfire
    Can't get much more domesticated than that!
  5. Blue_Star

    omg I saw the highlights of the habs bruins game o_0 Carey got scored on 6 times, and then Mike got into a fight...and lostXD Poor guys. Ah well, we went into a shootout that was like, forever long only to lose as well. Not a good night I guess
  6. Isan
    Yeah but you know, I'm sorta glad. They finally decided to stop cuddling Price like a baby with the age thing. It was about time. How the hell is he ever supposed to learn if you take him out everytime it starts going badly? Nothing like getting scored on that much to burst your bubble and keep your ass in gear~
  7. Honeykissfire

    My 'canes are on a losing streak! And just when I can kick back and watch some games, too!
  8. Blue_Star
    Yeah, that's true. They didn't pull him so that much is cool. I really don't get why everyone thinks he's too young. He's 21, right? There's a lot of 18 year old rookies right now, and sure he's a goalie but...I just don't really see what's the big deal. Did you get to see the game? I was in the wrong region....AGAIN

    Sorry Honey^^' But really they're not doing too bad right now. *runs to see* They're 2nd in the Southeast division right now. Far better than what I can say
  9. Honeykissfire
    Yeah, that is true Blue....hehe, I made a funny....I just hope my first live game I get to see they win....and I can get lots of pics of my cuties!
  10. Isan
    We finally ended our losing streak last night but it wasn't really extraordinary, let's just say everybody is just happy we won period
    Mike's been out of the last 2 games since he got hurt in the fight
    Oh and I've been voting like crazy for the All-Star games XD
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