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  1. Honeykissfire
    OH SNAP! I can't believe I forgot about my Kevy-pooh! *hugs Weekes plushie* I miss him so! He needs to come back to Carolina damn it! Now I'm definitely checkin' out some NJ games.

    Yes Blue, Staal and Cam are good together. ^_^ It sucks that I am broke most of the time so I can't get out and catch a game or even buy merchandise like I want to. I'd go on my B-day if BB King wasn't in town the same night and I have to go to that concert. When am I ever gonna get a chance to catch a blues legend like him in this lifetime? And on my birthday?
  2. Honeykissfire
    We have a new member! Yay!
  3. nemine
    Hello everyone
    Isan kidnapped and dragged me here.
  4. Isan
    So I did
  5. Honeykissfire
    Yay! Good job Isan!
  6. narda1234
    welcome to the new member... as if it's hard to tell, i think it's safe to say i'm the saner one of the bunch, but don't let the crazies scare you, they mean no harm
  7. Blue_Star
    *new pic for Honeykiss*XD

    And welcome, nemine, to the insanity. Narda is indeed the most composed out of our groupXD Thanks Isan for kidnapping! Have you persuaded nemine about 8x31 yet? But then again, like there's any persuading necessary

    I just now noticed I don't have anything for 18x17 posted. That must changeXD
  8. nemine
    Considering that I am nowhere near sane, I think it's hard to scare me away narda just might have to stay alone in the sane-corner XD
  9. Honeykissfire
    Aw, thanks Blue! He does look kinds grrr about something.
  10. narda1234
    no biggie, i think im used to being the only one in the sane corner when it comes to this group. but i have my days too.

    so bring on all the crazies, it amuses me to no end to just watch from my corner
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