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  1. Isan
    Yay Detroit won
    I'm sad they won in Pit though, the crowd wasn't too happy
    Hopefully now they'll be generous enough to buy Osgood a new goalie mask (it's so ugly!)
    *pats Honeykissfire* Penguins played a great game still~
  2. Honeykissfire
    Why is it that when Detroit is in the finals they have to beat my team? They did it to Carolina back in '02 and now with Pittsburg. If my theory proves right, then the Pens will win the cup in four years since it took that long for Carolina to get it. That would be creepy if that actually happens....
  3. Blue_Star
    omg do I have to pick just one fav?XD

    In no real order:
    Teemu Selanne
    Jeff Carter
    Mike Richards...(all of the Flyers really)
    Jose Theodore
    Marty Turco(not a Dallas fan but he's hilarious)
    Roberto Luongo
    Joe Sakic
    ehhhh....*squints* there's more but I can't remember any right nowXD
  4. Isan
    Well I said one because I only have one but yeah, many works too
    I'm glad Detroirt won and all but, I'm sad it's over
    Dunno how I'm gonna survive until the next season
  5. Blue_Star
    Don't wanna sound like a jerk but I'm lucky enough to get the nhl network so I'm at least a little pacified But yeah, watching it on tv's not the same as going to an actual game Granted though there's only a minor league where I live....>>'

    Have either of you actually been to an NHL game??? I'm gonna try and travel to Philedelphia next season. It would SO be worth the tripXD
  6. Isan
    I did~ But Price wasn't the goalie either times I went this season!
    Better have more luck next season
  7. Blue_Star
    Well did you watch him site there on the bench the whole time instead? I so would have
  8. Isan
    I didn't have seats to really see him I kept hoping Huet and Halak would get switched out But that would have meant we were losing so
  9. Blue_Star
    Damn that CrystalBall HuetXD I know I'm retarded but that's what I call him. I guess the draft and free agency deadline's coming up. Hope I don't lose any of my fave players to the open market

    Never really saw Gagne in that sort of light until I stumbled across that pic of him^.
  10. Isan
    He really has such a freakazoid name
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