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  1. Blue_Star
    Ok, sooo gonna take a pic of him nowXDD I wish I could get a Komisarek. Then they could do naughty things>>
  2. Isan
    I would pay to see that too
  3. narda1234
    my goalie is out of commission until Feb 09 at the earliest. that's one depressing news.
  4. Isan

    There was an interview just now and Mike was asked about Carey's eating habits (wtf?!!!) And he's all like "The kid used to eat candy and burgers at night and now you go to dinner with him and he's having chicken or fish."
    Okay, wait a min, back up!! Komisarek goes to dinner with Price? :O
    And he's calling him kid omfg how cute is that?? I just might die of blood loss right now
  5. Honeykissfire
    Oooo, we play the Caps tonight...oh damn, I've gotta work....this blows!

    Aw, I just read a sweet story about Eric Staal and what he does for the community here in NC on the 'cane's site. Good boy!
  6. Honeykissfire
    DAMN IT!!! Just found out that Pitkanen's gonna be hangin' out with the people at a Canes CoolBar tonight.....Damn it, I need a job that lets me have days off during hockey season! I wanna rub elbows with the players too! Maybe some other things too....
  7. Blue_Star
    Don't you just love how even though there's only nine people in this group, it's probably one of the most active ones on the whole damn forum?XD

    *prepare for a long post, people*

    Yeah, it really is too bad about Marty, Narda. The dude was soooo close to breaking all those records, and now he won't be back until things start leaning towards the playoffs. Talk about terrible luck. But I heard that Kevin Weekes did well in his place, and also that the fans were supportive of him so that's good. Hang in there!

    Dinner datesXD And they only have an age difference of what, maybe 5-8 years??? omfg that is the awesomenessXD You're right about the pictures, dude. Yes, obvious much*_*

    Eric Staal is cool^_^ I love his relationship w/ Cam (so not even gonna go there). I think I just slashed the Canes, sorry><' You're really lucky though that you live in the same area as your team Honey. I'd be very very broke. All the time.

    Bad news for the Flyers: We might be getting Brendan Shanahan soono_o; What. The. Hell? I know we need work on defense, but if that doesn't just make your stomach turnXDD
  8. Isan
    The kid thing just reinforces the ownership

    And wow I didn't think he would be out of it for that long o_o
    Was he really hurt that badly? I thought from what they showed that he just made a bad split or something
  9. narda1234
    bad split, not even close. he tore i think a ligament on his left arm. he just had surgery today and rehab is gonna take months.

    i'm crossing my fingers for weeksey. and damn, i was looking forward to watching a game over the holidays.

    and oh, i gotta pay attention to this pair when the devils play the canadiens. i mean, really... the pics you posted Isan paint a thousand words.
  10. Isan
    Yeah I saw earlier on the news that it was his arm he was clutching tight
    At least they're not saying he won't be playing ever again or anything o_o
    Hopefully rehab and everything goes fine~
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