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  1. Blue_Star
    Yeah I saw that>>' Well not the game, but the highlights from it 0_0 Dude's too talented to get himself hurt right now. Especially when he's so close to breaking all those records n' stuff^^

    Ryan Parent-Out for the next 3 months for shoulder surgery And so young~
    Randy Jones-Either he just had or is about to have his hip surgery. When he's coming back isn't exactly too clear at the moment.
    Derian Hatcher-Is seriously ripped up right now, and noone's even sure if he's gonna come back at all. This is really bad news
    Daniel Briere-Still out for three more weeks or so so that his belly can healXD

    Other than that, we're doing ok?XD Hm, Crosby fans..... j/k! j/k!
  2. Isan
    They were saying in the paper this w-e how good the Flyers were playing without Briere
    I think the tag line was something like "The Flyers perfect without Briere!" *cough*
    Poor guy~
  3. ChaosShadow
    I'm so excited for tomorrow. I'll be off to the United Center to see the Avs play the Hawks. I owe my cousin BIG time! He gave me his tix for the game... 6 rows off the glass.
  4. Blue_Star
    Sweet, Chaos!!! Have fun seeing your guys^^<3 If you take any pictures I'd love to see 'em. Oh yeah, and if you happen to come across Eddie Olczyk while you're there be sure to tell him that he's not all that sexyXDD

    Sorry, randomess:3

    That's quite a slogan there Isan. Except right now a better tag line might be 'Inconsistent without Briere' We lost again to Edmonton yesterday. And while Briere is pretty a pretty wishy-washy guy (hence he always gets booed, even at home), I can't say we couldn't use him right about now.
  5. Isan
    The game against the Islanders was hilarious (not the fact that we were actually losing to the weakest NHL team before coming back), the fact that the whole damn stadium in NY was filled with Habs fans Seriously, poor guys, getting booed in their own home o_o That has to be super demoralizing &#172;_&#172;
    It was funny as hell to see though, it was like a home game for the Habs
  6. ChaosShadow
    So.. yeah. That game was VERY rough to watch. Started out alright... but that 3rd period was a complete @$$ rape >.< But... I was very happy to see McLeod get in some fights (I love that redhead!). I mean, it was still fun to watch the game especially since we had great seats.
  7. Isan
    I was bored and I decided to buy one of those cheap "victory" hockey card pack at 1.99$ in the faint hope that there would be someone interesting among all the others in it. And lucky lucky me Carey Price was in it XD
  8. Honeykissfire
    Speaking of redheads Chaos, has anyone seen my fave fluffy redhead Commodore? I've seemed to misplace him...Damn, so much sex on the brain I've forgotten where he was traded to....
  9. Blue_Star
    You mean Mike Commodore? He got traded to Columbus>>' (Ah, Columbus againXD)His hair used to look pretty cool

    Sorry to hear about the assrape, Chaos. I wasn't able to check in on the highlights or anything, but I feel your pain. Not a big Chicago fan

    See, I'm not into cards of any kind, however here they make these little multi-pack things that come with a sticker, temp. tattoos and a stand-up 3d card. So obviously, I have a few being the nerd I am, if not just for the cool stickerz I've got a standup Carey Price and he rides around on the front dashboard of my SUVXD Funny as hellXDD
  10. Isan
    Omg I'm so jealous Blue
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