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  1. Honeykissfire
    Damn Blue, I wish I could snag seats like that.....Those run like $150 bucks at the RBC Center down here in Raleigh and almost always sold out for each game. Lucky you!
  2. Isan
    The game against the Hurricanes was okay (Tanguay was on fire :o and Kovalev finally scored again ) but dude, you should have seen the one against the Wilds!!!!!
    We got 15 penalties, 6 of them back to back
    The Wilds got like three 5 vs. 3 and they didnt score once in power play with all that
    Carey was on fire <333333333
    It's days like these that I regret my graphic card is on the dead computer
    I would sooooooo cap pictures like mad
  3. Blue_Star
    The benefits of buying tickets online Good thing Columbus doesn't have too many die-hard fansXXDDDD (Sorry if that offends anyone)

    I really don't understand why everyone thinks Eddie Olczyk is so hot*_* They're always man-crushing on him on nhl live and it's been getting kinda creepy lately. Really, I don't see it;p Maybe it's just me?
  4. Isan
    People are man-crushing on Ed Olczyk? *shudders*
    Joins the I don't see it group
    And wait, Columbus have fans?
    Guess I'll see next friday
    So far for our away games, the stadiums were really quiet It always boggles me to see places that quiet for hockey games when you compare to here where it's total crazy mania ¬_¬;;
    You can't even get tickets for any games in the season all the way up to the end of april at Bell Centre admissions because they're all sold out :x
    There's a huge list of people on a waiting list for season tickets too o_o
    Needless to say, scalpers love hockey here -_-
  5. Blue_Star
    That sounds like friggin' paradiseXD Well, except for the fact that tickets are probably hard to come by. Yeah, Eddie is on the show every Friday and the one guy likes to flirt with him it seems>>*needs a cold shower now*

    I can't believe they've even been talking about expansion in the US too. I mean, if you're gonna do something up in Winnipeg or something like that it's cool, but not down here where the majority of the midwestern markets are struggling as it is. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense if you ask me^^'
  6. narda1234
    of course canada goes nuts for their hockey. we were visiting some family up in toronto one time and mentioned the devils... needless to say we got some cold stares from our cousins... not to mention that leafs and the devils are big division rivals... not so much now as it used to be. they take their hockey seriously up there.
  7. Isan
    I just realized after this last game's new pic, you can see what's their favorite position
  8. Isan
    Oh and I just saw Crosby was out in the paper this morning and it made me wonder, how's everyone favorite team's wounded list so far?
  9. Honeykissfire
    I'm glad I didn't see the game last night. I miss Eric Cole! I hate that he was traded!

    On to my injured....they still are. Williams is likely to be out for a while with Achilles damage. Pitkanen's down with a torn meniscus and Karberle and Sutter are ridin' pine as well. This blows, but somehow we manage to win games and we're third in the east conference and leading in our division so hey, I'm not gonna complain that much.
  10. Isan
    Martin Brodeur hurt himself last night and walked out of the game, they don't know when he'll play again...
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