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  1. Blue_Star
    There were so many games going on last night. I think all 30 teams were playing or something like that. But what sucked is that the only games I got were the Leafs vs. Senators and then the Canucks and the...somebody, I can't remember...it got pretty boringXD

    They flipped it over to Anaheim vs. the Canadiens for their last six minutes of the game, and yeah they said something about Carey trying to get over being sick? I dunno. They showed him a couple times and he looked sort of miserable. I bet Mike was all over it.Chicken soup and everything~XD

    I saw the highlights from that game Chaos. Budaj is doing pretty good it seems^^

    And omg 0_o The Flyers finally won their first game of the season. It's a miracleXD Going to my first nhl game tomarrow night Excited!
  2. Isan
    Yeah apparently he even lost weight and all o_o

    And yay for going on your first game
    I'll be busy for until after november so I went to get my tickets last night for my first game of this season, which is going to be December 4th against NY Rangers
    If Price doesn't goal, I'll cry
  3. ChaosShadow
    Yeah, I hope Budaj keeps up what he's been doin. He had a little bit of a rough start this season.
  4. Honeykissfire
    Damn it, my people keep gettin' hurt! It's too early in the season! Now Sutter and Pitkanen from Saturday. At least we won. I'm glad the state fair is over. The 'canes need to come back home! I know they can't like having that many away games like that, but if they were to play in Raleigh during the state fair, it would be complete mayhem. NC State had a home football game on the opening day of the fair....I am sooooo glad I don't work in Cary anymore...I would have never made it to work. I can't wait til December, then I can get a chance to go to a home Hurricanes game.
  5. Blue_Star
    Yeah, there certainly are a lot of injuries going around already>>' I saw that hit that Sutter got *_* I'm just glad he's ok~ But it's too bad about Pitkanen though. We've just lost Briere for a month too, so I feel your painXD Hey, did you see Cam Ward when they won that shootout against the Islanders? Eric Staal like, lept in the dude's arms and swung all around. It was great.

    Just had to hop online really quick before I leave. Had to make sure the game wasn't cancelled before I travel for 3 hoursXDD I'm paranoid like that>>
  6. Honeykissfire
    No I didn't Blue! I was working and barely got to see any of the game. That's the downside of working in a sportsbar-type restaurant, all those games going on and no damn way to watch them if tickets are coming in in the kitchen....evil people wanting food when the game's on....
  7. Blue_Star
    *is bloodshot & giddy*

    Added a pic taken w/ my crappy phone last night. Best view in the houseXD And Teemu Selanne scored the game winning goal. Wow, I have to go to work now=_=
  8. Isan
    How did you like it Blue?
  9. Blue_Star
    It was...wonderful!

    The ducks were really sweaty/smelly At first I was all stupid like 'Hey, what's that smell?' Then I was like oh yeah Their coach Randy was really friendly too^_^ He didn't seem to mind us gaping like idiots for a little while.

    The game was fun and exciting! Much more up to speed than the minorsXD But Ohio's fanbase/market has much to be desired. There weren't all that many people there. The couple next to me said they got their tickets for free, and the guys behind us just walked up to the box office and asked for best available seats. Their fans were crappy. But then again, if I lived in Columbus and that was my team, well...you knowXDD

    I really wanted to see the Habs play the Hurricanes last night (ie Honeykiss vs Isan), but I was too busy watching the Flyers do their thing If only they played like that more often^^

    Think my post is long enough?
  10. Honeykissfire
    Don't feel bad Blue, I didn't get to see the game either.....Damn this work getting in the way of hockey season!
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