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  1. Blue_Star
    Omg! [fangirls for 15 min.] Thanks Isan! The awesomeness!!!!
  2. Isan
    Poor Blue, the game you finally manage to watch is pretty boring
  3. Blue_Star
    Hey, at least they won, right?

    There was this one part though where Mike got sent to the box for cross checking. He did it right in front of Carey on the bench and it seemed like he was showing offXD I about died laughing~
  4. Isan
    Yeah that was my highlight of the game
    You totally should have seen the saturday game though, my god that rockin' real hard <3333333
  5. Isan
    Added another ownership pic
  6. ChaosShadow
    Anyone catch the Avalanche/Oilers game tonight?? OMG, the Avs kicked some @$$!! They played so well... I haven't enjoyed a game like that in quite a while!
  7. Isan
    Awww I almost watched it too
    But I changed my mind at the last mind
  8. Blue_Star
    I missed it chaos which sucks cuz I really like Joe Sakic! He's so cool^_^ He seems kinda bitter sometimes, but that only makes him even cooler in my opinion

    Omg another ownership pic!?!? *goes to see* What did I miss Saturday? You have to tell me Isan!XD
  9. Isan
    Saturday sucked
    Price was sick so Halak started but omg He was so out of it! Price was switched near the end but it was already far too late for us to come back
  10. ChaosShadow
    I missed last nights game against Buffalo... but thankfully the Avs won, despite it being in Shootouts. Sakic had some really good plays Thursday night... but the line to watch during Avs games is the Stastny, Smyth, Hedjuk line. Those three are UNSTOPPABLE!!!
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