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  1. Blue_Star
    Gaaaah it wasn't on in my area!! I got to see the highlights later on the nhl network though...and we lost againXD But Mike scored so that was a nice suprise^^ Too bad it was on BironXD There's a lot to love about the Habs though. I'm more torn about them now then I used to be...obviously.

    Did I miss anything good? (besides the entire game probably)
    Tomarrow you guys play the Bruins! Good luck^^ Philly's playing the Pens tonight...in Pittsburg... But I'm still happy cuz it's the first televised game I'll get to see. Damn my cable company>>

    The game I was trying to tape was the only one on: Caps n' Canucks. Ovie was still fun. He hit a lot of peopleXD
  2. Isan
    You missed a few good parts but nothing major and we really sucked in 2nd period XD
    I was sure we were losing
    I'm most likely going to watch tonight's game for the Flyers too
    (Yes in canada we get everything )
  3. Blue_Star
    Yeah, you guys do get everything. And wow. Now we're 0-3

    I finally went snooping around the Habs site yesterday, and I found the 1 on 1 w/ the canadiens clip segment thingies^^ One of the questions was 'who's the most charming guy' and a lot of the guys said Komisarek.

    Then they asked about super powers. Mike said he wanted unlimited endurance, while Carey said X-ray vision.

  4. Isan
    wahahaha total perverts
    We know what they'd really do with those, don't we?
  5. narda1234
    lol i wanna see these video clips
  6. Blue_Star
    *sends narda a pm*XD I think I might be able to get the Habs game tonight. The nhl network in the us is really weird, and they just randomly show whatever the hell they feel like sometimes. Recently they picked up HNIC, so that much makes things a little more convenient anyway
  7. Blue_Star
    Ok, so now I know I'll be able to see the Canadiens game that's on tonight instead. Price better not be on the bench>.</
  8. Isan
    I'm pretty sure he will be
    He's been playing the last 3 games
  9. Isan
    I posted the new pic
    This is so XDDDD
  10. Isan
    And another
    Sorry it's the total Habs invasion but they have such :0 pictures together
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