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  1. narda1234
    won home/season opener last night
  2. Isan
    Yep I am

    And bleeeeeeh we lost our season opener in shootout
    At least it wasn't a home game?

    See what happens when Mike doesn't play much with Price?
    He hurt himself like the first 8 minutes of the first period
  3. narda1234
    i'm sorry Isan

    just remember that we have 81/80 more games to play so it's a long ways off to the playoffs
  4. Blue_Star
    Geez, we would have to play the Rangers for our home opener And already we've got a lot of injuries Damn it, Mike. Be more careful! I want more photo evidenceXD

    Congrats Narda for the win^^
  5. Isan
    We're having our home opener on wednesday :/
    So far :o
  6. Isan
    Well we totally destroyed Toronto tonight, 6-1
    Naturally, Halak had to be goaling on such a great night
    Mike was super aggressive though XD
    He was just pissy his baby was on the bench <3
  7. Blue_Star
    Dood, I totally wanted to see that game but it wasn't on in my area ><' Hope Halak doesn't show Carey up too much. Wouldn't want him on the bench...but then again, that could still make for some interesting off-ice momentsXD

    We came back but then LOST like big ol' losers people!! But at least Gagne and Eminger looked rather nice

    Tomarrow I can watch Jose Theodore^^ Even if he is a crappy goalie he's still rather hotXD Just hope he doesn't get pulled right away!
  8. Honeykissfire
    WHOOHOO! A win on our season opener! GO CANES!!! Yeah, I need to get out more...
  9. Blue_Star
    Are you implying there's something wrong w/ being a hockey psychopath?
    Somebody commit me then...*goes back to messing w/ the vcr*

    Trying to tape tonight's game but it's being a jerk! Too many wires!
  10. Isan
    Oh hey, Flyers tonight
    So you can watch it Blue
    Pray for some 8x31 XDDD
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