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  1. Isan
    I bet he was totally blushing when people were chanting "Carey, Carey, etc" XD
    He made one hell of a save so he deserved it though <3
  2. Blue_Star
    XDD The Price is right, b*tches. Speaking of which, I need to post that one of him that I have....

    It sorta sux we can't post 18+ hockey stuff here though. I have to keep it all restricted to my f'ed up nhl blog Anyhow, I'm anxious to go to my first game of the season tonight. It's so nice that it's finally fall!~

    Somebody else joined the group too^^ Be sure to step up and make yourself known! We are the few and the proud, after all.
  3. Isan
    New Price pic *_*
    Bluuuuuuue <3333333
  4. Isan
    Well it sucks that we finished the pre-season like we did tonight (by losing 3-0) :/
    My god we played horribly
    Total headless chickens on ice
  5. Blue_Star
    Yeah I thought you might like itXD Good thing he's got Mike there to protect him from his fans.

    Don't feel too bad. Philly just lost 1-5 as well to Washington>< I feel your pain. But wow, to Minnesota? Who'da thought?^^ My minor league team also lost their home opener last night. Oh well, it was still fun at least.
  6. Isan
    Wah I found a bunch of other pictures
    My god, Mike is always freaking touching him
  7. Isan
    I went a little crazy and added them all
    Sorry about that XD
  8. Blue_Star
    GAaaaaah!! The jackpot!!! *runs off to look @ Isan's pics*
    Ok I just had to like, comment on most of them^_^<3 Photogenic evidence is always a plus.
  9. Isan
    If there was any doubt Mike was the owner, it's totally gone now
  10. Blue_Star
    First televised Habs game they show in this area I'm gonna be all over itXD Are you intending to go to any games this year?
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