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  1. Blue_Star

    Pre-season games have been on, but I've always been at work so I haven't seen any yet!!! The minor league season here starts this coming Saturday....Everybody better watch out. I'm gonna be fangirlin' all over the place
  2. Isan
    We only had a few pre-season on TV so far and not even my team
  3. Blue_Star

    I finally get to go see my first nhl game in October!!!~ I would freak out and fandomize for paragraphs on end, but I'm willing to bet you guys get the idea...

    It's not Philly though. My sister's a huge Teemu Selanne fan so we're traveling to go see Columbus play the ducks. Really, that guy's the only reason to like that team But ANYway, I think we're getting those uber ass expensive seats on the glass so we can sit on the ice and act like total idiots I'm sure I'll be embarrassing everyone around us.

    @ Isan: I was able to see a little bit of the Habs play Ottowa yesterday (I think that was yesterday), but they had some other dude in net. Like, Denis or something I was a little dissapointedXD
  4. narda1234
    good luck with your first nhl game blue. don't get into fights with anyone
    some fans can get hostile, lol but maybe that was because the last game i saw was a playoff game with the rivals. security guys were busy that night. someone threw a beer bottle near us actually saw people throwing punches. sheesh people, behave like civilized men.

    well, i'd want a seat by the glass too. lol, i'd prolly plaster my face up in there when the play is right in front of my seat
  5. Isan
    Yeah I know Blue
  6. Blue_Star
    We're actually gonna be behind the visitor's bench *yay*

    I got my issue of The Hockey News today w/ a big ol' pic of Price on the cover. I cackled like a dork >.> *goes off to read it*
  7. Isan

    I'm watching the game against Detroit tonight
    Hopefully Price is going to goal :3
  8. Isan
    Komisarek is playing with Price <3333333
    Oh man this so made my night haha
  9. Isan
    They play so good together *_*
    Won 2-1 in shootout X3
  10. Blue_Star
    Waaaa I totally missed that oneXDD And you know you've now converted me to the whole ownership thing...>> Geez, I'm hopeless.

    The thing about Price is that everything about him is just screams uke!*dies*
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