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Death note OST

  1. Mauw
    Ok so what do you guys think of the Death note OST?
    I think it has such brilliant songs on it!
    I especially liked the songs of Light and Rem ^^ their so nice ^^


    i love this music!

    so what do you guys think of the OST and with song is your fav?
  2. IloveLfromDN
    hmmm...I love them all ^^ but (apart from both L themes) Nears is quite good...oh and Misa's song ^^
  3. Mauw
    Yesss Misa`s song ^^ i like that one sounds like its sung right next to you XD
    Also the Death note theme is so epic! it could make a movie from somone taking a nap epic!
  4. IloveLfromDN
    ^^ I that someone would be L,it would be not only epic but also damn sexi and cute... ^^
  5. Mauw
    XD lol L is always epic even when hes not alive anymore hes EPIC! XD he rules Death note from the very beginning XD
  6. Erian
    @mauw: so true! L just plain owns ^^
    I never even thought of looking for Death Note OST's
    thank you so much for bringing it up! I love all the tracks and am downloading them as we speak ^^
  7. Magamish
    Misa's creepy cute song is one of the few things (just my own lil' opinion lol) that makes the anime cooler...even if I'm more of a manga fan. =3
  8. sakurazero
    I think the OST for Death Note is probably the best I've heard for an anime. Normally the music on animes are pretty bad/cheesy. It's the only one I've taken the effort to dl, personally. I use Near's theme for my ringtone on my cell (he's not necessarily my fave character but I love the song!).
  9. shanna261
    I haven't heard them where can I find them?
  10. Erian
    Youtube + zamzar.com = happy fangirl ^^
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