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I wonder...if anyone else thinks L is sexy?

  1. IloveLfromDN
    I know that the pairing LxRaito or RaitoxL IS sexy...but what I am asking is if any of you considers L alone as a guy you would want to shagg if you got the occasion?

    Cos I personally, wouldn't let him out of bed ^^
  2. Mauw
    XD lol L is sexy! hes so exeptional! i think i fall for guys who are out of the ordinary XD
  3. Erian
    are you kidding me? is that a serious question? XD
    it's no wonder he's considered a genius, everybody's minds go blank when they look at him lol
    nah just kidding, I just love odd people like him ^^
  4. Xapphire
    I love L and I would not let him go if I got him into my bed^^
    Smart and odd is sexy!
  5. Erian
    @ Xapphire: Amen to that! :P
  6. Xapphire
    I remember the first time I saw him, I tilted my head and just smiled
  7. GeoffsGem
    Dude everyone wants to bone L, it's like...cannon.
  8. Akira82
    seconds what bloodygem said ...i first saw him..i think it was in a LR/RL humor comic on DA...
  9. Kanda Luna
    Kanda Luna
    Of course he his X3 Who can resist at his face and quirks?^^
  10. Dark Adonis
    Dark Adonis
    I am the odd person here. I don't really get what is sexy about him. I actually think he looks kinda sick.
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