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Manga or Anime?

  1. ExtinctionOfReality
    I'll only say one thing: manga is far more fascinating. I have no idea why so many like anime better... Because you don't have to read so much..? lol...
  2. wrocLOVE
    You know, I think they like an anime more because it has more fanservice with the L/Light paring, in the anime their relationship is more ambiguous, there's a hope that they like each other or they would like each other in other circumstances but in manga it's more clear that they hate each other, that not only Ligth but even L never like the second and only pretended, L is not sad or feels that he's going to die but is angry and annoyed that he knows Light is Kira but can't prove this. In the anime L is more mellow and looks more naive so he can be easier fitted in uke role and in manga is more cold and cunning too. And I know that many people don't like the end of the manga and difference between deaths of Light. That they like the more peaceful death in the anime. For me the manga's death has more sense and fit the character of fallen God who knows there's nothing after death and when he had power it was o.k. for him but at the end suddenly he doesn't want to vanish in the nothingness.
  3. wobert
    i'll always choose the manga (for any fandom). \:
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