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Beyond Birthday

  1. blissx
    Who else thinks Beyond x L is yummy!

    I wish Beyond had a bigger part in Death note he's my favourite! Because we all just love pyscho serial killers that look like L ... Naturally

    I seriously think he would have made a pretty interesting character [Spoiler] but of course he dies like all the best characters do. Nooooo.


    B x L <3

  2. HirakiRei
    Beyond is an interesting character. He apparently likes strawberry jam, so he's good in my book.
    I wonder how Light and Beyond would react to each other?
  3. GeoffsGem
    I think Beyond would'nt like Light, considering Light is so smug. I don't think Beyond is into smugness most of all when it's aimed at him.
  4. UsagiXMimi
    BBxL is one of my favorite pairings~ I wish they would've talked more about him though :T (Still sexy though XD)
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