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Death Note

  1. shattered
    i joined purely for L. he is awesome! but i havent finished watching death note yet ... still stuck on episode 15 >_> its so suspenseful and tense that i cant watch it all in one go!
  2. amade0
    lol - aww.. poor everyone.. else lol o.0 i'd recommend the manga - i liked it a lot better xD
  3. sujasmine
    I have not finished watching death note but I love it so far.
  4. YorumiAkihime
    DN is my most favourite non-BL manga so I have to join Well, but I still need to watch the anime
  5. eiri
    Kyaaa~ L x Light! *Licks L* I see YorumiAkihime throwing daggers at me :mwahaha
  6. suhi
    best story and characters development ever!
  7. Soubiluv98
    ^_^ DN groupies ya! lol M&M for life.
  8. shattered
    what would be cool: if L is given a life-size Light replica made entirely out of sugar ... then set him lose to lick it
    i wouldnt mind some myself
  9. Rimona
    DN is a great manga, thanks for making this group ^.^
  10. cheichiro desu
    cheichiro desu
    wiii.. DN..~
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