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Death Note

  1. shanna261
    Deal I am sopposed to be on a diet anyway doctors orders. Not doing so well *makes a bee line for the strawberry rhubarb pie. Doctor takes it away. stop stopdoctor got away come back there is only 325 calories in each piece. Runs to Nears room and cries on his shoulder all night* I forgive you about Near .
  2. Erian
    yay! ^^ *shares chocolate with L*
    aaaw isn't he just the cutest when he's happily eating his chocolate?!
    *looks over to see Light drooling at the sight of L licking at his chocolate*
    L: want some chocolate too, Light-kun?
    ...for a genius he can be pretty slow, ne? ^^
  3. shanna261
    I added some new pics
  4. chisin
    i'm glad i joined this group. i love deathnote..i love L and Light together.
  5. Jiken
    L and Mello were my favourites. I was so sad when they died.
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