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Death Note

  1. flagfish
    *not buying it*

    but true, it doesn't really matter
  2. xfangirlx
    urm im back i was being very busy with exams and stuff but it all good now! so whats going on is this a new member i see?

    @xhigh: and !! how are you my dear? hope you have a nice time with us!!! *hands a cookie* ^^
  3. goddess8878
    You know...Matt's english voice wasn't too bad. Not great or anything, but not icky. I'm still constantly bothered by how they pronounce "Mikami" though.
  4. xfangirlx
    hmmm.. i never watched the english dub of DN i've just always watched the subbed version.... i always thought dubs were bad .. >.< well ... sometimes .. >_>
  5. Eaglet
    Hello everyone. Joined the group just now, and... just felt like pointing that out to you for some obscure reason. Feel free to rejoice, now! 8)

    Err... should I say something else upon joining, or am I good to go now? Well, I've read the entire Manga and watched some random episodes of the Anime (including the ending ones). Hmh, I haven't seen the live-action version, though. I pretty much like all characters somewhat, Misa and Near being exceptions since I highly dislike them. Yesh. NOW I can move on from the introduction.

    I just read the first volume of Death Note again, which was good because I had apparently forgotten some details of the story, as well as some hilarious expressions some of the characters had. XD

    Eh, I should get off my lazy butt to watch the entire Anime at some point...
  6. goddess8878
    Not all dubs are bad. Sure, they used to be. The original Robotech comes to mind, oh and the Sailor Moon wasn't all that great. But, now the dubbers are much better and don't edit the story as much as companies used to. So, don't give up on the english dubs. Plus, since I have kids, it's nice to be able to sit and watch some anime with them. Sure, they both can read now, but the youngest one still can't read as quickly as you need to when watching subs. Plus, in the DN dub....L's voice is smexy. Too bad he still doesn't have a British accent.
  7. xfangirlx
    D: no english accent!!!! omg thats a travasty! no seriously he shoulda had a english accent >> this is what i just dotn get with anime .... *shakes head* anyway i agree that not all are bad but sometimes i just prefer to watch certain things in sub ... for instance everyone was whinging and moanign about how crap the bleach dub was... i actually thought it was quite good the voices of urahara and ichigo i think suited the actual characters. especially uraharas! >> i kno im going off subject but ah well... and i do wish they dub all the bleach eps that are out too.... damn it all >> and its nice you sit and watch anime with them ! i think thats very sweet ^^

    @eaglet: !! how are you? and i hope you have a nice time with us ^^ yes i hate misa too.... but i actually like near... >> damn.... *hands a cookie*

    Why does everyone hate near apart from meh?
    or is there anyone who likes him like me??
  8. yuri368slice
    those pictures above is sooo full of L!

    like it so much!

    ohh, before i forget. im new here. ^^
  9. flops14
    hi!!! i'm a new member...nice to meet you all ^^
  10. flagfish
    I like Eaglet, her non-obnoxious post should be an example to all of you.

    yeah, everyone on team L should have had English accents, but I do admit the voice they gave L in the dub is sexy.

    people who absently hate on dubs tend to forget how atrocious the originals tend to be.

    And amo, the way they pronounce 'mikami' doesn't really irritate me as much as the way they pronounced 'yagami,' because before the dub I always thought in my head "yummy yummy Light Yagami," and the way they pronounce it doesn't make it rhyme
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