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Death Note

  1. Nillion
    *giggles* I love the pink Light piccy! 83

    *pokes light* use that tongue you little man*****.
  2. flagfish
    Nillion, I love you from the bottom of my heart for that man***** comment.
  3. Nillion
    you're welcome flagfish. when you read enough yaoi manga and whatnot, spotting man*****s like Light is a piece of cake. 83
  4. EmmyEii
    Well.. Light IS a man*****, right xD He has to be, with L being his adorable incubus xD
  5. flagfish
    he's only a ***** for L.

    and maybe ryuk.

    and mikami.

    ah who am I kidding, the guy tries to seduce everything.

    ps. light i luv u
  6. GeoffsGem
    *laughs* Light a man*****? naaaaaaah....it's not like he gets himslef chained to hot boys all in the name of...'justice...' or anything...>>
    Now Mello there's a cockhound for ya I bet he runs around after Matt waveing bottles of lube and handcuffs.
    @emmy sure come and help kill Misa cosplayers it's fun and porfitable!

    PS: Matt I love you, you can stop crying now I killed all the Misa/Matt shippers.
  7. Nillion
    *raises her hand* can I help kill Misa cosplayers too? She's the paradigm of the annoying, once-in-a-blue-moon-smart dumb blonde that I hate.

    *huggles Ruby* I bet Mello was chasing male ass since before he hit puberty.

    and speaking of ass, "justice. . ." my ass. L cuffed himself to Light so that all of Light's sexual frustrations would be directed at him, and not Misa.
  8. flagfish
    you guys need to watch this thing that goddess made


    L: "I'm sorry, but your son is just too sexy. I'm gonna f*ck him in half."

    oh and btw, Nillion, L wouldn't worry about that. Kira or not, Light never had anything vaguely resembling sexual feelings toward misa. Gotta love how Light actually pushes her OUT of his lap when she tries to sit there ("NO THIS LAP IS FOAR L ONLEH!"
  9. Nillion
    Heheheh. . . I had almost forgotten the blatent lack of feelings he had towards her. and O M Goddess!! whoever came up with that Death Note fan sub is a GENIUS. 8D

    *hugs flagfish* that was the best line. thanks for sharing with all of us! <3
  10. joncutie
    uhmm..im only an amateur here in aarinfantasy and when i searched for some social groups for me to join.. this group really caught my attention.. sorry if i joined this group.. so...can i post something here?? its also deathnote
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