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So, you are on which side?

  1. KittyLitter
    Well I don't know if it's been discussed before, but I thought of starting a new discussion about this, because it's a subject on which I disagree with some Deathnote fans.

    Personnally, I don't think I could take anyone's side. Yes, L is fighting for the good of the world etc, so there's nothing wrong about him, but when people say that Raito was the bad guy and he deserved to die, I get pissed off

    In my opinion, the situation Raito was in was very complicated and he shouldn't just be blamed about what he caused. In the beggining he wasn't that bad, but the power he got blinded him. I believe this is not a mistake, but a weakness that every one has in this world and anyone would be able to turn out doing the same think as Raito; and most of them wouldn't even realise it.

    And definitely, no matter how much losses he caused, I would never say he deserved death. He was a comfused little man to me ;_;

    So, do you agree, or you accuse Raito for his behaviour?
  2. Erian
    I agree that if someone else had gotten his/her hands on the Death Note, they'd probably make the same mistake (maybe with less consequences cause I doubt anyone else is as intelligent as Light). Though Light may have been one of the few, maybe the only one, to decide to use it for the 'good of mankind'. The mistake that he inevitably made, was his arrogance. Every human being possesses it, L too for he too believed that it was okay to kill another human being in the name of Justice. They just had different ways of it. L pursued the way of the law while Light made his own laws.

    as you can probably tell, I'm not really on either side plainly because I think that it can never be justified to kill another human being. Even if it was out of self defence or anything like that, you placed your own life above that of another. I do no believe in any god in any form, but the saying "playing for God" still applies here.
    I was rooting for L though, mainly because Light creeped me out from the very first episode and that L's method, though not perfect, was far better than Light's.
    Plus I adore that sweet-loving pale insomniac ^^ despite his faults.
  3. amade0
    I've always been for Raito personally o.0
  4. DaphneAngel
    i used to be pro-Kira, still am. but since he killed L, im not so sure anymore... couldn't the rule the world together? King and Queen =P
  5. Xapphire
    I was all in for Kira, but after L...I like madness, but not killing L mad! But I suppose I´m somewhere in the middle^^
  6. chaosmaker
    I kind of understand your point, Light was a very promising young man that ended up dead because of his madness and thirst of power. At the beginning, his intentions were cool and everything, but then he was turned to a total psycho! I see that you don't like people saying that light deserved to die, but there were a bunch of innocent people that died too just because Mr.I'm the God of the new world wanted or feel like killing them. Also we have to considerate that L did the same (I definitely love L) but I thnik Light just overpass limits. I mean, common thinking about killing your own father and sister??!! I think that's out of context. But that's me...
    Nevertheless I don't want this to sound rude xDDD I love L but that's how I see Light after all :/
    Just giving my point of view
    see ya
  7. kzkncaptain
    True, he did say he would kill his own family to keep the Death Note secret. That kinda scared me. I'm not entirely sure whose side I'm on. I agree with chaosmaker. Light was a very promising young man who died because of his madness. And yes, a lot of innocent people died, because of him. I'm stuck in the middle! It's as if both Light and L are pulling my arms in opposite directions!!
  8. Arukana
    Im for Raito. Even though he killed L, who i loved dearly, the other criminals needed to be punished. With as many murders there are, a world without criminals doesn't sound bad at all to me.
  9. deso
    I would definietly support L
    It's better to search a way to reduce the crime than to murder all O.o
    and! I would do all for L XD *groupie*
  10. lovelessalex
    Team Raito all the way!!
    I can see why he did what he was doing. I would've done the same if I had a Death Note.
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