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So, you are on which side?

  1. UsagiXMimi
    Light to the very end. I didn't see what he was doing as wrong, but he just wanted to help and rid our world from the rotting that was consuming us. Even though he killed a few innocent people along the way it was required to help mankind. Can't make an omelett without breaking a few eggs X3
  2. chunkun
    Im on the side of L, for me he was the real justice, since the moment Light kills that becomes him "bad" for me, even if it is for something good.
  3. flyingbananapoo
    I think that while I was on Raito's side throughout the entire anime, in real life his idea probably wasn't the best. Lol. But I'm Team Raito all the way as well!! I mean, who can resist an attractive, villainous manga character? Not me, that's for sure.
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