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Movie or Anime

  1. shanna261
    I like both but the Anime was done better
  2. Erian
    I've had the bad luck to have watched the movie with subs so badly done, I could understand the Japanese spoken better >.>'
    and I can't understand Japanese all that well people (picture this: me suddenly shouting to myself: ooh he said Kira!...... again! )
    I've watched L change the World with proper subs though, and I loved it ^^ exept the ending cause it was a bit too cheesy.... and I just hate Near sorry, I can't help it :P
    I won't post any other spoilers, though I'm tempted too...
  3. shanna261
    I haven't watched the third movie yet but i plan to
  4. DaphneAngel
    I love L Change the World... but crap, the actor who played Raito is so friggin' FAT! Ken'ichi Matsuyama, though... I'd tap that))
  5. Xapphire
    I like them all! The anime was more well done, but I was really happy about the Death Note movies, I´m always afraid when they are turning a manga into a real live movie, but this I really liked
  6. pandorina
    I like the resolution in the movie better than the anime. L is triumphant! I also like Rem's voice. I know she's female and the movie voice was pretty gruff but I like that it is. She's a death god she doesn't have to sound girly.

    Two things for the anime...Epic Potato Chip eating and Dramatic name writing.
  7. quakvamare
    I like both.The first movie I like more than anime,but the ending I think was better in anime.
  8. xmattxmellox
    I enjoyed the movies and the anime. The only thing that bothers me is that with the anime (and I guess the film too) they make it clear that Light is the bad guy, whereas the manga doesn't do that. It's more like they leave it up to you to choose who's right and who's wrong.

    Both actors are hot IMO <3
  9. lustyprisca
    i am about to finish deathnote2. though its different from the anime it is still interesting. though i prefer the anime. more dramatic. esp the scene before L dies while he was under the rain and was hearing bell ringing. i actually cried. Light is obviously the alpha male instead f L. the fact he solved d takada case while L was slumped proved that. i still love deathnote regardless. and L is mega hot
  10. lustyprisca
    i retract my last post. i just watched the end and L is super hot and super intelligent.
    Light is the underdog
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