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Finding a new home for Ten Count vol1-5, Captive Prince and NightS

  1. moodyzoe
    Hello, would anyone be interested in taking these off my hands? I rarely read them anymore and don’t want them to go to waste. Interested buyers only need to pay the cost of shipping.

    1. Ten Count by Takarai Rihito - Volumes 1 to 5
    - Some dents on the top of the spine from when the books were shipped to me
    - There is a one-inch tear at the bottom of the spine of Vol. 5, but it only affected the cover print. Book is still intact.

    2. Captive Prince by CS Pacat - Books 1 to 3
    - Book 1 has a dent on the middle of the spine
    - Visible yellow spots on the first and last few pages, as well as the top and side of the book because I left them near my windows

    3. Letters for Lucardo by Noora Heikkilä
    - A dent at the top corner of the front cover

    4. NightS by Yoneda Kou
    - A small dent on the top of the front cover, probably from shipping
    - Crease on the spine

    Ideally, I would like to sell all five volumes of Ten Count and all three volumes of Captive Prince together. However, I’m open to selling the volumes individually.

    Feel free to message me or reply to this if you need more details/photos.
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