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Bypassing blocked websites

  1. sef
    Ahhhhhh, I always use mediafire. Now it's blocked too. How to bypass it? Please help me.
    Oh, thanks for the link Aarin on the FB one- does that apply to all blocked site?
  2. mysweethoneybee
    it's not work to me ><
  3. queenawong
    Try to figure out how to use it~Thanks for the info!
  4. aarinfantasy
    @sef: Yup it should work on all blocked site.

    @others: I am not sure what to do besides the methods I shown. So far I have no problem ~ Make sure u do it correctly.
  5. sef
    haha, i think MF was down earlier and I was impatient. The method works for me though. thanks.
  6. jenipher
    yeah!!!!! finally i solved it....
    emm,to those who is using window 7,you can tried this Quick Way to Configure IP Address and Other Network Information in Windows 7 ,anyway its work for me
    @aarinfantasy thx alot!!! now i can watch the video ady,thx thx thx
  7. aarinfantasy
    Thanks jenipher for sharing the Win7 one, I will put that in first post.
  8. ayumi_fantasy91
    it works!!!yay!!*downloading tons of R-18 doujin*XD
  9. hiroshichansama
    Hi guys, wat about if you're using a Mac? :S
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