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Recruiting interviewees for research

  1. zhong
    Hi all, I am Yap Hui Zhong, honours student from Monash University Sunway Campus. I am currently doing a research titled "Viewing Junjou Romantica in Malaysia". I am looking at Yaoi in Malaysia, which I would focus on Junjou Romantica (anime) since it can be legally purchased in various stores in Malaysia; and audiences who indulge themselves in Junjou Romantica and Yaoi. Therefore I am here seeking for volunteers who would be interested to be interviewed by me for this research purpose. I am looking for volunteers are female Malaysians and have watched Junjou Romantica (anime) among other yaoi texts. This will be 100% voluntary, therefore there will be no reimbursement, and interviewee may withdraw any time. If you are interested, you may download the Explanatory Statement to find out more on my research on the link below, Explanatory Statement.pdf Have a nice day
  2. zhong
    Hi all, If there is any chances that you could not participate, spread the word around to your friends about this research!
  3. aarinfantasy
    Hi, you can send me the questions. My email is aarinfantasy @ hotmail.com

  4. spinel
    I've been a yaoi supporter for quite some times. shoot your questionnaires to yaoixtreme@yahoo.com
  5. kyuuka
    Ah, just send me the questionnaires to cksn0708@hotmail.com
  6. ricewormjace
    Send d questionnaires to my email - sasuke_kilua@hotmail.com
    Weird to have tis kind of research title?! but i m glad to help!! ^^Y
  7. zhong
    Thank you for all the replies here
    I have send emails to your email address as written in the post, and if you have friends who are interested, please do introduce XD

    Thanks again!!!
  8. yuyue_hirakiseira
    send to my email waiyeeye@gmail.com
  9. biscuit
    would your research end up in banning yaoi in msia > >?
    while most ppl maybe not realizing it is yaoi at the moment -____-
  10. zhong
    Hi Biscuit,

    I have thought about this question before, but I seriously doubt that it would make any impact since my thesis will not be published in any newspaper/main stream media that would bring attention to the topic of yaoi (unlike the Kosmo! article few years ago), and its not like the politicians will go around reading academic journals ^.^

    Unless someone intentionally bring this topic to light I dont think there will be any impact
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