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More bad news...

  1. Roveen
    It's true isn't it?
    The Malaysian gov is bad enough, now that the pilihan raya is near, they're repairing the roads, giving us special discount cards and RM 200 bonus vouchers....what else can i say, i love the stuff, don't love them
    They banned us from using Megaupload and filestube...that itself was havoc
    If they try to ban anime too...i'm outta here!
  2. Adrian76
    I tell you what, just whatever goodies offerred, just take it, but when pilihanraya comes, we vote according to our future, children's future and for our own country's sake XD Need to say more?
  3. Roveen
    actually with the way they badmouth each other, i actually who to vote for better....=P
    but of course, the more goodies the better!
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