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More bad news...

  1. sakurai93
    really? i thought it will start to to take it's effect in this july? ?_?
  2. cheezy
    They passed a similar bill in Osaka months before the bill in Tokyo, supposed to be in effect in Osaka while I was there, but meh, I went Kobe to get my BL goodies too... \o/
  3. Seraph
    I am staying in Kyoto but I still saw BL in bookshops.
    I went to Osaka last two weeks ago and there is also BL available too.
    I don't think Japanese care that much as Malaysia government (Thanks god I am in Japan).
    By the way, I found out that there is a shop which only sells BL in Osaka...
  4. ~silvis~
    Oh wow haha I doubt they can stem off yaoi, such hypocrisy, might as well ban everything if they intend to ban yaoi ):
  5. hakuryuu2026
    ahh~really hope this is not true!! my life definitely will turn up boring (did i mention turn upside down? heh,) though i'm not relly into yaoi manga, but i DO enjoy yaoi doujin!!!
  6. Agate13
    I love my parents for educating me to be open minded (yeah, they let me watch pg13 animes when i was still 7-8) but for other parents, I got to agree they just think that animes are only for kids.

    They even said that anime IS cartoons when the difference is obvious. (I made a survey around my family member and 4/5 of them said so)
  7. kannrou
    Man this is annoying. Wish they could go focus on more important issues like poverty or bribery or something. Thanks for sharing Aarin-sama!
  8. Adrian76
    Its year 2012 and I am glad we can still enjoy Yaoi! Well, during my childhood days, there were not a single BL that I know of but now its more and more upcoming. Yaoi, BL although is being reserved for some, I guess that the changing world make it being widely accepted. I feel that government will not completely remove everything because, to win votes and support in their own countries, they have to be seen as doing something to stop the so called indecent stuff but of cos, not to the fullest. Hopefully things will turn out well for us all and we can continue to enjoy Yaoi and all good manga, anime!
  9. Roveen
    Haha, they wouldn't dare trying to ban anime, yaoi or not....especially if they still want the votes for Pilihan Raya XD
  10. sef
    Roveen, you are impossible
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