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More bad news...

  1. sakurai93
    hah.. no.. there isnt that kind of law.. my mom;s village is in kelantan.. and i dont wear tudung.. of coz it does feels weird to be the only one not wearing tudung.. but i never got caught in kelantan.. LOL..
    what i know is that such events as cosplay and concerts that promotes women wearing anything sexy is forbidden..
  2. norsue
    really? i guess the girl who told me this just over reacting. she told me, women there who not wearing a tudung will have to pay around RM50 if they get caught..lol i'm also having doubt about this but i don't want to argue with her heheh...actually she can be call as "PAS fanatic" so i just don't pay attention to her. I thought she might be telling the truth cause she really wants to live in Kelantan. Some times i really can't stand her,she's really annoying *talking about politics all the times* If she knows i'm into yaoi, she might get a heart attack..hahah..but i doubt she knows what yaoi is.. lucky she's already quit the job
  3. sakurai93
    lol.. yeah... actually, last time i went to kelantan was around 2 years ago.. but i dont think the laws there have changed that drastic.. ^^
    oh.. so she's PAS fanatic.. hm.. i dont have any big grudges towards either party but PAS really should improve kelantan in their city development there.. the traffic is killing me.. you can get stuck at a bridge for half an hour.. :/

    LOL.. she will.. XD
  4. valkyriensz
    Hello guys~ It's been awhile and I'm bringing more major serious bad news (almost same as the situation in the Malaysian news) for us especially the BL lovers TT^TT I've read the news from ANN but just now my friend tagged me via Facebook more detailed info about this:

    Japan is going to ban/remove anime/manga?

    Yes,Tokyo recently made a new law, it's called Bill 156. Ishihara, the main pusher behind all this and mayor of Tokyo, believes that anime/manga is unhealthy and a bad influence to kids. That's why he wants to change
    something about this.
    First of all, hentai anime that are for 18+ viewers are not involved in this. This law is all about "helping" kids, which has nothing to do with anime that are for adults.Many people are really pissed off, especially because this law is very vague. They want to prevent showing kids anything that is sexually stimulating, encourages cruelty, suicide, criminal behaviour, rape,incest. The thing is, in almost every single anime is at least one these things included. So there's no one who knows exactly what's going to happen.

    Although it is hinted that the anime To Love Ru is going to be affected by this law, just like Yosuga No Sora and Berserk.

    Now to the people who are against it. Of course, all the fans and otakus aren't happy about this at all. Just like the ten biggest manga publishers, like Shounen Jump, Kodansha and many more. They've already decided to boycott TAF (Tokyo International Anime Fair), which is held by Ishihara and is one of the biggest anime events. They decided not to go there, which is why they will probably cancel it. Some publishers, like Shounen Jump, said they won't give up even after they made the law effective.

    However, this law only applies for publishers that are in Tokyo, because it's only the Metropolitan Assembly in Tokyo that decided all this. Also,please keep in mind that all those big publishers have their company there and it'll be a bother to move somewhere else. The government of Japan is against this law, because anime/manga is important for the economy in Japan, but for some reason they can't do anything against it.During march/april they will make this law effective and start watching and reviewing certain anime and on July they will do something about the ones they're not pleased with. Like I already said, no one's entirely sure what they're going to do.So please don't get crazy over this, nothing's decided yet. Yes, it is a law now, but come on. The government, publishers, mangakas, fans, pretty much everyone is against it except for some people in Tokyo. It is a serious matter, yes. Mangakas, seiyuu's and many more will eventually lose their job. However, let's just hope someone will successfully do something against this. Crying in a corner won't help anyone.

    Some "fun" facts;

    >> A BL mangaka gave her manga to a publisher. In that manga were high school uniforms included. The publisher turned her down, because of the high school uniforms. It was most likely because of that law. I guess it's sexually stimulating. She was shocked.

    >> This law is also known as "Anti-Otaku Bill", because it's strictly for anime/manga only. Real life porn, sexually stimulating scenes in dramas and any other TV shows are still allowed. And with sexually stimulating, they're talking about panty shots, short skirts, fanservice, big breasts and more.

    >> Ishihara looks down on gay people. He said they are pitiful, are missing something and have warped DNA. He also believes that otaku and people who are into hentai and stuff like that, also have warped DNA. He also doesn't like foreigners.

    >> When he was 23 years old, he wrote a novel. It was about a violent gang of high school guys who were involved in fights and raped high school girls. Funny how now he wants to stop showing stuff like that in anime, eh? In a press conference, a reporter asked him about this and he replied with, "things have changed since then."

    >> He's been selected as the mayor of Tokyo three times in a row. The possibilty of him not getting selected is low.

    >>Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly received a petition with more than 300+ signatures and a whole lot of letters of fans asking them to remove this law. They ignored them all.

    >> The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly tried something like this back in July. I think they wanted to ban all loli anime/manga and remove perverted stuff for minors, especially perverted stuff that involves kids (I'm not entirely sure what exactly it was about). But they failed and didn't get enough people to approve of this. Now they came up with this Bill 156 and succeeded.

    >>The UNICEF, as well as the Queen of Sweden, told Japan to ban shotas, lolis and anything related to sexually stimulating scenes with minors. They also wanted them to remove those typical dark blue swimsuits girls in anime/manga often wear during swimming lessons.

    _ _ _ _ _


    1) Are all anime/manga going to be removed/banned?

    No, they won't. I doubt there's going to be one that will be completely removed. Although, if a mangaka hands their manga with inappropriatecontent to a publisher, the publisher has the right to turn them down and not release it. Example is in the "fun facts". The mangaka has to either change the inappropriate parts or have their manga not published.

    2) Where is this law effective? In Japan or only in Tokyo?

    Only in Tokyo, since the Tokyo Metropolitan came up with this law, not the Japanese government. So publishers, companies, mangakas and so on that don't live in Tokyo aren't affected..

    3) What could happen to anime/manga with inappropriate content?

    Some possibilites are that they are going to be labeled as 18+, get heavily censored, take out certain parts or will be completely removed. I doubt the last one will happen, though.

    4) How come the publishers don't just move to another city? That way they won't be affected by this law.

    It's going to be way too expensive. They probably need to buy that piece of land they're going to build their company on. Japan's economy isn't at its best right now, so that's going to be a tough one. And moving everything to another city, building their residence or buying it is too expensive. And there are so many publishers in Tokyo, all of them can't possibly move out of Tokyo.

    5) Is there anything I can do to stop this?

    Well, you can. There's this famous Japanese blogger called Dan Kanemitsu, who's the main source for all foreigners that want to know what's going on in Japan regarding that law. He's translated a lot of articles and interviews and explained everything very well, so he should know a lot more about this than anyone of us. He said it's best for us to email them and politely ask them to stop this. There's a chance that they'll notice how strongly we are against this, if they see thousands of foreigners wanting them to stop. But keep in mind to be polite and reasonable! If you insult them and act like a madwoman/madman, it'll only prove them what crazy and bad influenced kids otaku's/fans are.

    This is their email; koe@metro.tokyo.jp

    6) I live in -insert country that's not Japan-, does it affect me?

    Yes, it does. If they're going to censor, remove or whatever they're going to do anime, we're obviously not going to get the uncensored version, but exactly the one the Japanese are watching.

    7) What is going to happen with Shounen, violent and adventurous manga?

    I don't know for sure, but they'll probably censor them more. They will certainly not remove them, the thing they focuse on mainly is ecchi, lolis and stuff like that.

    8) This law only applies to mangakas, publisher, etc. in Tokyo. So are the fans who live, for example, in Osaka going to see the uncensored and unchanged version of anime/manga?

    No, they probably won't. Whatever they are going to do in Tokyo with anime, will affect all of us. The publishers aren't allowed to release anything that's inappropriate, so how are we (or the people in another Japanese city) supposed to watch/read the unchanged version?

    9) How much is the TAF going to be affected by the boycott?

    If you want to get an idea of how much it's going to be affected, look at this picture;


    On the left picture you can see what the TAF should be like, if all publishers were to come. The right picture shows the reality and how many decided not to go.

    10) Are BL manga going to be removed/banned?

    Let me just quote something I found in a popular article about this; "The most immediate and direct effect of the law will almost certainly be to see ecchi manga such as To Love-Ru, bishoujo titles such as Champion Red and most BL manga, as well as any seinen manga with especially mature themes, banned from general sales - presumably most will then be cancelled due to a lack of suitable magazine or tankobon distribution channels, with a few perhaps being resurrected as 18+ ero-manga."

    So in short, it is possible that BL manga will be completely removed, because their mangaka won't find a suitable magazine/publisher. Those that do have or find a suitable one, will have their BL manga labeled as 18+.

    ((I'm seriously gonna be crazily hysteria reading this!!! TT___TT))
  5. suetlana
    oh, I read this in LJ communities a while back...T___T.
  6. valkyriensz
    I see..I bet many fans have sent emails regarding this huh, against that law..What I fear the most is we will be hard to enjoy BL if they have decided to enforce it TT__TT
  7. sakurai93
    oh yeah... everyone is like crazy about this... TT__TT i dont want to think about this... *sigh*
  8. valkyriensz
    I've read somewhere Osaka is already enforcing the law and STRICTLY bans BL manganimes TT^TT damn~!!
  9. Ayakaoru
    I went to Japan last year and in the bookstores, there is a huge section of BL manga. I wonder what will happen to all those bookstores if BL mangas are going to be banned there. Most probably half empty
  10. cheezy
    D: I went to Osaka end of last year and beginning of this year when the bill in effect. I'm still able to get my hands on BL, hardcore and softcore. From what I understand from the Osaka bill, some publisher's mags were blacklisted and moved to the hentai section. I got my books from the tanbi section which is right beside all those shoujo manga. I don't think the situation's that bad in Osaka. But I'm not sure how Tokyo's going to fair though, the bill has more crap loads of bull in there...
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