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More bad news...

  1. Voelyn
    Guys n gals.. What if they filter our internet acess and forbid us to acess AF n any Yaoi-related material online? What would you do?
  2. Hime-sama
    Voelyn@: I wouldn't worry about that anytime soon...maybe in the further future yeah but I doubt there would be any action taken for filtering or restricting yaoi content online. Malaysia is still behind in turns of internet security and monitoring.
  3. kyuuka
    I don't think they even know what yaoi is. @.@ their 'tidak elok' pretty much means girls in pakaian singkat.
  4. Seraph
    I am so glad that I came to Japan and there is no stupid anime restriction and stuff.
    I can even record all BL animes on air currently. I guess I would not go back to Malaysia after I finished my studies over here.
    I rather suffer a little to watch my Togainu no Chi which is on air every Thursday night.
  5. Voelyn
    @Seraph: lucky you. I'm soo jeleaous..

    @hime-sama: Some of my friends said that Government gonna start to filter any porn-related materials which including Anime by mid-year 2011

    @kyuuka: Someday they will know about Yaoi as Yaoi and girls in miniskirts are related in the name of AniMangas (Anime & Manga)

    But i made a reasearch recently and i finally get ready to bypass their internet filtration as i already knew how to cope with this matter (^.^) Cheers!
  6. Hime-sama
    Voelyn: We'll just wait and see when the time comes
  7. hiroshichansama
    I have to agree with the article though. Sure there are plenty of animes that suits kids better, and thanks to Astro Ceria for hosting them (lol), but the ecchi ones hosted in Animax! >:T

    Not like I'm against it, it's also parents' responsibility to see what their kids are watching. I mean, put it on child lock and unlock in when they wanna watch something appropriate!

    I wish they would showcase Studio Ghibli movies like Totoro or Howl's Moving Castle.. now that would be nice for the family!

    Even I'm tired of tuning into Astro's Animax nowadays, they're showcasing a lot of boring animes (for me). Why not host the first Saiyuki series, Kuroshitsuji, Fruits Baskets, or any others that suits 16 year olds?

  8. hiroshichansama
    AND I have to agree with Voelyn's reply there.

    And I just noticed, Kota Bharu...

    Kelantanese people (no offense), they are pretty religious..
  9. norsue
    hiroshichansama: Kelantan rules by PAS, so you can expect them to be pretty religious ^^
    If you stay in Kelantan, you can't go out from the house if you are not wearing a "tudung" (no offense), although i think its only apply to muslim woman i suppose.
  10. Hime-sama
    Um nor...I'm not aware of such law there in Kelantan. I've seen muslims women going out without wearing "tudung" as well
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