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Malaysian Fans!

  1. aarinfantasy
    Any Malaysians in this forum??? Would like to know who, where you are (what state), or anything at all!~
    You can speak any Malaysian language but you must include an English translation after it ok... so that our forum friends not from Malaysia will understand what we talk about.

    I am in Penang now... been staying here for years! But my hometown is KL, and sometimes I go down there for short breaks or work.

    For those who don't know, you can find English yaoi manga at Kinokuniya KLCC or Berjaya Times Square, and also Borders (Penang). I am sure the other Kinokuniya and Borders branch have them as well ^_^;;
  2. 775752
    allo!! i am here finally
    I am from Penang and now in Shah Alam, working here for 3 months now.

    There arent much mangas at Borders Queensbay but you can always order from the staffs there. That's what I always do. As for Kino, well that is the BEST bookstore in Msia (for me la) ^_^
  3. Adrian76
    HELLO I'm here!! I'm from KL lolz... Anyway come let us meet, my hp no is 012-6618898. I'm a chinese guy, please to meet you all!
  4. Black143White
    Hello, I'm from Malaysia too. I stay in KL~~~.
    Glad to see Malaysian members here. =]
  5. 775752
    Hi Black143White!! Another Malaysian!! YES!!! So you are a guy or girl?
  6. dohkajou
    helllllloooo malaysian.ehehe..i'm from sarawak studying in perak.talking about the bookstore,large collection of my yaoi comes from kino's.damn,it ripped my pocket everytime i go there.but for the love of yaoi,i'll do anything.eheh...
  7. skutergirl
    Hi everybody... I'm Malaysian too. Glad to see that aarinfantasy herself created this group. Excited!! I'm from Kedah. But now studying in Japan. I miss Malaysia.

    Sadly, I've never bought Yaoi in Malaysia. My developement towards Yaoi started here in Japan. And I think the English version of yaoi manga is kinda pricey. But I would love to buy own them too. One day!
  8. 775752
    @dohkajou, yeay for you! I always thought that too but I really cant help myself! I have to buy something when I am there. If not the mags, yaoi mangas

    @skutergirl, well, it is pricey! Between RM40-Rm50 per mangas.
  9. Koha02
    Hello ^^ I'm a Sabahan girl xD but have been living in England nearly half my life now...So my Malay has kind of deteriorated >_<
  10. kaguya610
    Greetings from a gratuated student here *waves*

    I'm living Sabah (female here hope that's obvious) and still stuck in here XP... Labuan is the the most distant place i've ever been to and that was what, 13 years ago?

    Thank god I still able to buy some Yaoi mangas from Kinokuniya, without the usage of credit card, although there're pricey cuz it includes the courier fee, its totally worth it esp. being a true fan~~

    Koha02, I'm totally the opposite of you, my English is kinda broken compared to our national language ^^"

    Anyway its nice to meet ya all!!
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