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  1. valkyriensz
    woah...everyone is condemning the schtuuupid streamyx...a dumb question from me: just now my mom told me she received a call from a TM staff few days ago telling her that they wanna upgrade our streamyx to 2.0 mbps only with addition rm16 to our bill coz my account has been promoted as the user with most frequent usage =___=' (thanx to my bro who haven't stop playing online games 24/7)...what should i do then?? receive the offer?? izzit can be trusted?? anyone has encountered this b4?? i'm kinda lost since came back from Penang for 1 week break O__o''
  2. Iscariot_XII
    Hi, I want to ask you guys. What happen to the chat function in aarin?
  3. sakurai93
    @valkyriensz.. i dont know.. i think TM staff had called me before too.. (hehehe.. it is my fault for browsing website for almost 8 hour a day.. ) but my mom doesnt really want to increase the price so we didnt took the offer.. well, if you want your connection faster then just go for it.. but if you're like me(dont have enough money.. ) just reject the offer.. XD
  4. kavz30
    @valkyriensz & sakurai,

    am not sure about TM/streamy as i dun use it. i myself use izzi but the thing is, its subscription needs to be prepaid instead of paying it monthly. i know, it's like giving one whole chunk away at once but so far *touchwood* no major problems with this ISP. i heard wimax is OK too ...
  5. valkyriensz
    thanks guys...sokka, sokka...i better have a proper discussion with my parents b4 decide anything...perhaps i'll reject the offer also since it'll be too beneficial to my younger brothers especially the youngest one since he'll be sitting for his SPM this year =___=' darn it..boys~ cannot live without v.games <<< i meant my brothers...aduyaaai~
  6. valkyriensz
    sorry for the double post...this stoopid streamyx did it...i'd like to hit delete button to erase this post but i couldn't find one >.< gomen nasai!!!
  7. sakurai93
    you're welcome.. damn, i feel so bored i feel like killing someone.. anyone know any site i can download manga with a fast speed.. please other than mangatraders(it's so damn slow now).. i'm sick of joining the scanlators group and download it with a slow speed for each chapter and wait patiently in front of this computer doing nothing..
  8. cutieH

    have you tried stoptazmo?It's a bit faster than mangatraders (for me) but you have to register first lerrr..
  9. cheezy
    XD Been a long time since I was here Was busy with work and deadlines that I couldn't even touch my precious yaoi *sobs*. valkyriensz, just say no to streamyx, when you pay that RM16, they'll still cap your download speed, so there's really no point upgrading it... >_> I'm still using the RM66 package, and it's as 'fast' as my friend's 2mb line.... meh.

    Lol, sakurai93, most of the time, scanlators themselves have fast dl speed, on ftp/http or my personal favourite, IRC.... Once you know who to leech from in irc, you can get almost everything at a reasonable speed, and you can even queue it up without staring at your download XD If not then use the bot which they paid blood, tears and blings to get it running, it's not cheap to maintain the bot, but the speed is fast, O.O like 2 min (or less) for a 15mb file?
  10. sakurai93
    @cutieH thanks.. i will try it.. XD

    @cheezy yeah i know irc.. but i tried downloading anime using irc before and it isnt really make any diffference with direct download so i stop using it.. well, i try using it again.. XD huh.. what do you mean bot?? is it like a server? but it sure is fast.. right now downloading 15mb is taking 1/2 hour or more..
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