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Malaysian Fans!

  1. ~silvis~
    Wow thank god I'm not using streamyx! If not I'll curse it like mad! D:
  2. Iscariot_XII
    seems like streamyx is back to normal!
  3. aarinfantasy
    I changed IP setting not so good also... but I think it get's better now.
  4. valkyriensz
    he...llooooo..min...na...ta..da..ima *crawling & trembling exhausted*

    it's been so long i get to visit my no.1 fave forum eva TT___TT *cries in happiness* all this while i was bz with the hellish KPLi program >.< all the lecturers almost like "berlumba-lumba" who will be the most giving out assignments n kill all the trainees including me =.=

    recently (around last week) i just came back from Teluk Batik for Program Pendidikan Luar 4days 3nights camp<<<students of PJ subject for minor *gulp* i can't imagine how in da world i got this subject as 2nd minor after English...gaargh!! my skin has burnt all over bcoz of kayaking *sobs* n full with small spots like chicken pox =__=' i'm allergic with sea....urgh

    now i'm undergoing for School Base Experience for 2 weeks observing teachers n students...n the work r piling up again!!! *drop dead* tasuketee~ *sinking deep into ocean*
  5. iruka92
    @aarin - YES.. I've noticed. Last week (and the week before) .. the speed was unbearable.. I whacked the streamyx box and ignored it for one whole day.. I COULDN'T EVEN DOWNLOAD NARUTO for god's sake! *_* ... When I tried to download mangas from the host sites .. (mf, mu) .. IT TOOK A LOT OF TIME TOO!!!!

    Cheh.. now Wi-max la .. what la .. Isyh... So bengang..
  6. ~silvis~
    iruka: How is wi-max? Is the speed fast? I was thinking of signing up for it.
  7. Lisse09
    I heard wimax is really fast, at least should be faster than izzi, I am using Izzi. Just bought it one month before wimax is out. Grr... izzi speed can be fast, mostly in morning but drop really low at night. Sometimes, if you're far away from the station, you get even slower speed.
  8. iruka92
    I don't know. But Wi-max is whooping expensive. Dad won't sign up for it. NOW, the streamyx is giving me the shits. Am watching boys over flowers at mysoju but bcoz of the f*ck-up line, IT CAN'T LOAD dammit. *sobs*
  9. sakurai93
    really?? i think wimax is really cheap for the fast connection.. my streamyx is RM99.00 if i'm not wrong and it just 560kbps.. you can get 1mbps by wimax with only RM 80 something if i'm not wrong.. wimax been advertising a lot at my house so the wimax advertisement is quite familiar to me.. XP but i still use stupid streamyx..
  10. cutieH
    Hi everyone,Sabahan here I was very surprised when I saw aarin is Malaysian,bangga ni(though I don't why.Malaysia Boleh spirit maybe).

    iruka:Hehe I watch boys over flower in the office next to mine on KBS world every Sunday..Penyalahgunaan of office appliances to the extreme!
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