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  1. ~silvis~
    lol in my school they hated the HEM teacher. Hi havocguy!
  2. iruka92
    @havocguy - Yoohoo ~ ~ Welcome to AF Msian group!! .. From Selangor? . I'm from Shah Alam .. Haha.. You're double-posting btw ..

    and bad news... That b*tching teacher at my school was being bias.. How dare she fired me from my title as the Ketua (**something something in the Prefects Org ** *)without a letter?!!! AND this is how she told me about the news ..

    teacher : Iruka , I'll deal with Imy from now on. You don't have to see me regarding the task any longer.. Now, go back to class.

    Me : *shell-shocked, nodded and went out*

    IT DIDN'T HIT ME AT ALL DURING THAT TIME!!! I've been working my ass on those shitlexed higher ups and FOR NOTHING??!!!! *huff huff* .. SOMEHOW, the whole thing goes politic as a friend told me that the unethical teacher asked for the change because she PREFERED Imy more than me. (Not because of my credibility..) Stupid, right?!

    and I don't even have the mood to look at Imy with a straight face. She's a good friend of mine and I'm sure that she felt guilty because literally, she stole it (without doing it)... I'm so sad..
  3. cheezy
    @suetlana: Hey, long time no see XD I really like doing math back when I was in school, I suck at other subjects but that's the only thing I can score without studying XD Well, except for add math, I don't know how I got an A when I failed add math all the time >_>;; Anyway, I think I said this before but... teachers are god of patience @O@ Don't know how you guys tahan us =p

    @havocguy: XD Welcome!!~

    @iruka92: *pats iruka*. Lol, same thing happened to me, voted by the board to be pengerusi but the teachers hate me cause I hated her/them. So, they picked someone they can boss around. But meh, we still cause trouble for them, it's funny XD

    @Rage78: Rotan... Gah, reminds me of my BM teacher back in Primary, she LOVES her cane, instead of hitting once on the palm/butt (depends on the gender), she'll just use her hypersonic arms to hit you 10 times in one go... I remember I kena about 50 last time cause I can't hafal story for story telling competition. XD

    Most of our politician studied overseas or just nice their time they also used English to teach science and math subjects..

    @silvis: Well, even if they do revert, I agree it won't change anything, facts are still facts, only thing difference is the language and where you want to work lo... Samy Velu speaking BM... *pft*. He has to work on his English too.
  4. ForEvaRoxaS
    Wow! Haha~ you all are discussing about politician and school . Hmmm...i don't care bout this country politician that much.Blah~ Too much drama.Talking bout school..... I just enter form 4 this year. Add math and Modern Math is quite okay (currently). I hate Physics! It's damn hard! Well, Maybe the teacher's are teaching too fast .

    Duhhh~ wat really shocked me is that we will only sit for 9 subjects in our SPM.Not 10. They remove EST! Oh this is nightmare!
  5. sakurai93
    wow.. i'm form 4 too.. XD i think add math is hard.. my teacher was teaching fast.. and i already finish learning chapter 4.. >.<" i hate physics too.. the teacher just loves to nag...
  6. ~silvis~
    ugh the recent political issue also another one! DXXX
    lol I hated physics too! Struggling with it for my a lvls now as well. DX
  7. ForEvaRoxaS
    Yay! We're the same Sakurai . High five! Gosh....Chapter 4?! That's really fast.So, what did you get for your PMR last year?

    Yeah...your rite Silvis. Another dramas which involves the party thingy. Wow! Good luck with your A Level. I know it's damn tough because my brother have gone through it before. You really need to buck up to pass with flying colors.
  8. sakurai93
    good luck for you a levels silvis.. XD
    high five~~~ XD yeah. it's so fast.. i dont even understand chapter 2 yet.. =.=" i get 8a for my PMR.. how about you??
  9. ForEvaRoxaS
    Great! I also get straight A's for my PMR. They're quite easy right? Only the science paper is a lil bit tough( i think) . So, you come from which state? Oh one more thing. Any Sarawakians here?
  10. sakurai93
    yeah. quite easy.. i think geography is hard though.. i never thought there will be lots of questions about the industry in places.. i dont even read that.. >.<" i come from KL..
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