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  1. Rage78
    We had threats of being rotan to keep us quiet LOL! Nowadays, kena marah a little bit, your car kena scratched lah or worse, parents come and belasah you. The students now, their skin is very much thinner and more sensitive than during back then. XD.

    Oh suetlana, I'm glad I'm not a student in your class, coz I fail maths all the time...can't do my maths without my tuition teacher. Without her, I can't remember how to do the sums LOL.
  2. kavz30
    i have to confess, my parents started sending me for maths tuition from Std 6 onwards until Form 5...yes, i was that bad at maths *LOL*

    @suetlana, i think your students will settle down to studying soon...now no more holidays (CNY + public hols), so i think they will also get serious about their studies...
  3. Iscariot_XII
    @suetlana; I love your job. If I could help you it'll be great. I love teaching but I have little patience as well. Well I guess I must learn to have more patience.

    Wouldn't you consider giving them an extra lesson on saturdays like some "kelas tambahan" or so? Or it'll be great if they can stay back after normal school hours to do some more work with you. That is if you don't mind teaching for free. But don't give them too long hours at a go. They'll get bored and restless. Since they can't do proper maths, I think its best that you start everything from the bottoms up. Right from the begining. And give them some homework (make sure they finish it). The homework need not to be plenty but make sure its a managable amout for them to at least take the effort to complete it without a calculator. LOL!

    How bout giving them a pop quiz every now and then too? I guess the pop quiz will be fun if you divide the class in to two groups and send a representative from each groups to answer a math question correctly as fast as possible. Then after they are done with that send another 2 representative from each groups. The group that has the most points will win. I guess kids will be competitive. So.... They'll try to collect the most points..
  4. suetlana
    Rage78, Actually rotan is also a good way to discipline young people. It's not like you're trying to kill them . But yeah, parents are spoiling their child way too much. We're trying to make their children more discipline and be a better person. Normally, no teachers would suka-suka hit their students. Yeah, skin is very thin and too spoilt.

    What??!! Uso!! You can't do your sums? Maji?? But you're good in english, I forgive you. My students can't really read english. Language is also another barrier why they failed. they didn't understand what the questions wanted. So as a math teacher you kinda teach english and math at the same time. i wonder if they're going to revert it back to bahasa which personally i think is better. At least teacher can focus on math, not the language (^__^). I'm learning math in bahasa and I think my english is not bad too

    kavz30, LOL~ I guess since I've never have problem with math, that's why I wonder what so tough that they can't get it right. But I guess some people aren't so good with their left brain ... I do understand, but ... i don't think the higher up would understand. they would make it like it teacher's fault that the pupils didn't excel. Our education is too exam oriented and not focused on pupils unique talent. I hope they will start studying soon. The additional class will also start soon.

    , yeah, it's a nice profession really. Actually if you end up to be posted at a good school, it won't be so difficult. I'm lucky I have patience in me. Thank goodness. Maybe that's why god give me this job since He knew I could stand it .

    That's a nice idea my dear. Actually, there will be extra lesson on weekdays and saturdays and the holidays later on. But from observation of previous pupils, the pupils usually not interested and many of them would absent on saturdays and the holidays. I guess cartoons and animes are more interesting than learning ^^;;. In school we have lots of program to help boost the result. But again I'm talking from the prior experience, they don't really like to come to you after class...hmm... i hope my students would not be like their senpais this year.

    I'm could try to start from the bottom up like you suggest but dear, we've got to complete the syllabus before UPSR started. With the slow pace now, I'm afraid not to be able to complete them T__T. It's kinda complicated. Though my guru besar said we should teach until they really got it before move to other topic, and they seems to be very very very slow to get one topic. But then again when the exam questions came in, it would follow the standard of the A class not my class. And if I get so many failers...then who would the guru besar blame again? me LOL~ You do nothing, you're wrong. You do everthing, you still wrong LOL~....but really, it's hard. too many people pushing us, the pendtadbiran in school then the pejabat pelajaran daerah then the jabatan pelajaran negeri then the kementerian LOL~. they really like to come to school and point out mistake when we didn't do everything by the book. though at most of the time it's hard to meet their requirements since too much of work. I don't mention any clerical work to you yet T__T.

    I like pop quiz. I did give them one. But it's hard when none could answer . Fail the objective of the lesson -___-. But I'll try again later, maybe they would absorb more as times goes by
  5. ~silvis~
    Good luck suetlana! Haha I love maths though I did fail for add maths once! DXXX
    Went for tuition after that. Hopefully I'll get an A1 for it!
  6. Rage78
    @ Suetlana, tis unfortunate - but I really, really have no head for maths. For some reason, I can't grasp the concept and when my friends explained how to use the formulas, I have to ask why is it like that, why can't I use it like that LOL! It drove them nuts - all they tell me is, 'because it's like that!'

    Not a very good answer for someone like me who wants to know the whys and wherefores. Sometimes I do know the formula but don't know how to apply it...I usu. get a headache after working on my Maths for 5 minutes, seriously no joke. I am that allergic to Maths. I was more inclined towards arts and music. I think I was the nightmare student for all my Maths teacher. Hee.

    Well with regards to the English subject, if they wanna revert back to BM, it's no problem for me but they have to find ways to really beef up their English lessons...the syllabus for the English classes is just really pathetic. They practically dumb down everything, which helps with high passing percentage but doesn't really help with their reading, writing and speaking ability later on in life.

    Our politicians pun satu - hypocrites - they themselves speak good English and they don't want the same for the new generation. Macam tu baik jangan cakap English at all. Cakap je lah BM at all the international conferences etc. Who can forget our former Minister, Zam zam (forgot his real name, sorry). I wanted to die of shame when I heard how he spoke to the Al-Jazeera interviewer..

    It'll probably take up more of your time but maybe u could incorporate their favourite anime characters in the lesson or something...with our luck tis probably Naruto, Ipin and something (can't rememeber the name), Bleach etc. That might help them remember faster. Bribes should work too LOL! but you'll be dead broke if you did that. Too bad we can't use yaoi characters..roflmao!! I know, I know, I'm so mean to suggest that but I'm just evil like that. XD

    Hope I didn't offend anyone with what I just said...sorry if I did.

    @Minna - I was watching Ninja Warrior on 9TV y'day and I couldn't help but notice something during the commercial break. The inside of the logo ' 9 ' was in rainbow colour..I was like OMFG! Isn't that the symbol of the gay pride??? and mad cackles of glee came out of my apartment unit...I just thought it was super funny and wondered at the same time, do they even know what it meant when they first picked the concept??
  7. ~silvis~
    @rage: lol I don't really watch tv xD
    About the english issue: Well I can't really say anything just that if they're going to revert back its like not moving with globalization etc.....cause in college for private sector they're definitely going to struggle there. Job opportunities will be hard. Basically communication will be hard as English is the international language. Though the politician all are bloody hypocrites. They themselves send their kids overseas to study whereas us normal citizens are left here to pay tax (their bloody income). Though if our politicians are going to speak BM please speak the correct BM! My bm teacher (chinese) pointed out that Samy Vellu was speaking wrongly in BM. >||
  8. iruka92

    My mod maths sucked . . . haih . . . The teacher teaches so damn fast and sometimes I blinked for like 5 seconds and you missed a big BIG part of it.

    Last year I had a different addmaths teacher and in my SPM year, I've got a better teacher which'd made me understand more about AddMaths more than ever .. and my tuition teacher is GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

    (I've never passed AddMaths in my entire life by the way. Hope that'll change this year... SPM, SPM, SPM!)

    @Rage - I agree on what you said there . . . Some politicians are okay ... (Muhyiddin Yassin is OKAY . Believe me. He has good thoughts and views in life.) . My uncle is a politician and to tell you the truth, lots of them are suck ups.

    (No politics here.. hhoohoho)

    I WOULD BE SO FRUSTRATED IF THEY SWITCH BACK THE LANGUAGE FROM BI TO BM... Do they want our future children to be verbally retarded in English?!!! *reminiscing the torture room of BM textbooks forever and ever*

    @suetlana ... (Again)

    I salute la you teachers now .. In my school, all of them hold grudges on the Penolong Kanan Kurikulum . . . They HATE HER, Scorn her .. and even talked bad about her in class. .. Haha.

    At least you're not a History teacher. Best of luck on handling your students!
  9. havocguy
    ohaiyo!!!...wow..there are sure al ot of malaysian members here in aarin...i'm from selangor but rite now,i'm studying / doing my practical tarining in melacca...nice meeting u guys
  10. havocguy
    ohaiyo!!!...wow..there are sure al ot of malaysian members here in aarin...i'm from selangor but rite now,i'm studying / doing my practical tarining in melacca...nice meeting u guys
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